Write for UniEel!

We are always looking for contributors to our site. Typically, we look for contributors from any of the seventy institutions we write for! However, if your institution isn’t listed, or you aren’t a student at all – no problem, get in touch with us! Anyone is welcome to join our network of writers.


You would typically write about what is happening at your University – providing you with the opportunity to be the voice of students at your institution. You can gain experience (references will happily be provided when required, signed by our CEO), while securing yourself writing credit (your name will always be attributed to any article you write). Social media links can be included – perhaps you can build up a cult following?! Full guidance will be provided, but you’ll be in charge!


We are very flexible too. Not got much time to write? Not a problem – write as and when you please. We know how busy life can be. Overall, we’re a fun group to be with. If you write for us, your articles could be read by all of the visitors to this site!


UniEel Student Writer Description – Download our role description here!

Check out our page on FAQ’s for this role here


Interested? Send us your CV at: contact@unieel.com


We don’t do interviews, don’t care about whether or not you have completed 1000 hours of volunteer experience or chaired a society meeting. Get in touch, and we’ll go from there. It will be a winning partnership!


Hope to See You Soon! 🙂




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