How to get rid of unwanted Textbooks

the course of your stay at University, you will likely accumulate several textbooks. Even in an age where everything is online, several courses still require you to buy ‘compulsory textbooks’. At the end of your studies, there won’t be any need for them. This means that you can get rid of them once and for all. But how? Here are a few clever ways of getting rid and de-cluttering.




Yes – the place you probably bought the textbook from in the first place, will most likely buy it back. While this isn’t entirely a sick joke, from the outset it should be noted that this will be at a reduced rate. Blackwell’s often run promotions at the end of the year to buy second-hand books. As long as your textbook is in good condition, you can likely sell it back and recoup some of your outlay. Look out for promotions.



Ziffit and MusicMagpie are two examples of the several sites that purchase second-hand books for reasonable amounts. A simple Google search asking for ‘buying unwanted books’ returns many options for you. While many older textbooks will secure a paltry return of around £0.30, more recent textbooks will frequently be over the £10 mark. You will just need to box them up and arrange for a courier – making the process very simple. This works best if you have a lot of books to get rid of – the money can quickly stack up. Even better, these same websites will often take unwanted DVD’s, CD’s and video games off your hands too. Again, all of these will need to be in reasonable condition. It could be advisable to compare and contrast different prices – they will differ from site-to-site. Overall, this represents a very simple and effective way of getting rid of unwanted textbooks.



Another option – if you are feeling charitable – is to hand your books in to a nearby charity. They will be very happy to accept them. Online sites such as BookBarn International too are often grateful to accept unwanted books. After all, this is a much better method than just merely recycling, or *shudders* sending the books to landfill.


These three options provide ways of getting rid of your unwanted textbooks. If you are going for a full-on de-clutter, option two looks to be a good bet.


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