What you DON’T need to take to University


The process of packing for University is a difficult one. What to take? How to transport it? Will I have everything I need? All are common questions. Luckily, UniEel has produced a helpful and definitive checklist of everything you need. While asking friends, family and the internet for guidance is helpful – there are still a lot of myths on this front. In this article, we look at some things that may seem useful to bring, but actually aren’t.


Being prepared for University is important!

A Car
While it would make life far easier to have your own car at University, in the vast majority of cases, it isn’t allowed. In fact, it is often written into your halls contract that you specifically cannot park a car within a two (or more) mile radius of the University. On the up side, bus companies often provide ample services, and you won’t need to worry about car maintenance.


A-Level Text Books
While I’m sure A2 Psychology was fun and all, the course textbook and your notes aren’t really going to add much to your learning at University – and instead will just be another item taking up space in your room. What you will be learning will be on a higher level. Additionally, your library will be stacked full of materials, while the Internet too will be your friend. Check out our helpful guide on how to sell your unwanted textbooks.


Sorry to say, he’s going to have to stay 😦

Image result for packing for university pet



University is the time to say goodbye, but not farewell, to your parents. After they nurtured you through school, it is time to move on to pastures new. It is certainly a sad prospect. But if you are hugely worried, wait until five minutes into the questionable small talk with your new neighbours – you will be pushing them away. After all, they are always welcome to apply to University themselves and join you! The holidays will come around quickly enough anyway!


‘Pointless’ Giftcards
It is very kind of relatives to provide you with gift-cards to spend on books. However, with the Internet as advanced as it is now, the days of spending hundreds of pounds on books are long gone. If relatives insist on providing a gift-card, then ask for ones for a supermarket, or perhaps a high-street chain.




Packing and preparing for University is always a stressful time. But following the correct advice can ensure a calm and simple move-in process. As sad as it is to leave your parents and pets behind, it is necessary. And soon enough anyway, you’ll be having such a great time that you’ll forget all about them… Well that’ll never happen, but you get the idea. Good luck!



The ULTIMATE Moving-to University Checklist


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