iPhone X Unveiled: The Best Twitter Reactions

Ah, so after all of the waiting, Apple have unveiled the iPhone X – their latest device, packed full with new and impressive features. Face ID, a 5.8inch edge-to-edge display and wireless charging are just some of the headline-grabbing features of the latest release. However, arguably the biggest news is that in the UK – the phone will cost £1000! Yes, £1000 – for a phone. Safe to say, as is customary in these instances, the world has reacted through Twitter – here are some of the best reactions:


Fancy a ‘free trip’ to the States?!


A good point about how Apple didn’t think of John Cena with this latest unveiling – sickening.


With the price being as high as it is – here is an interesting way of deciding how to pay for it…


Spare a thought for the old models…


One for the fans of ‘Game of Thrones’



The Face ID has also raised several important questions:


We’ll just leave this here…



Get with the times!

And the customary Trump mention:


Finally, reaction to a difficult night for the Android fraternity…


The iPhone X will be released on general sale on November 3. Pre-orders are available from October 27. Until then, Twitter will continue to be a hot-bed of activity. The era of the £1000 smartphone has arrived…


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