14 Things That Will Happen in Student Halls

The first year of University frequently sees students band together in halls of residence. Sometimes these will be state-of-the-art buildings, complete with en-suites, double beds and areas for stimulating academic discussion. More often than not, however, they will be the opposite of the above… small rooms, small corridors, shared bathrooms and a kitchen that looks pre-historic. However, regardless of the state of your accommodation, the hall experience is largely the same from hall-to-hall, with similar shenanigans going on…


You will make life-long friends


There will be an adjustment phase…


There will be noise, and lots of it…




Suddenly you’ll need to do things that before you took for granted… “Does anyone know how to do the laundry?”


And you’ll miss the home comforts…


You will inherit another flatmate – one who has gone rogue from their flat…



There will be rivalries between Halls…


‘Illegal Contraband’ will be frequent… beware!


There will be several flat parties, where anything can happen…


By the end of the year you will appreciate every moment…




There will be numerous flat game nights, where Monopoly is sure to threaten any relationship…


At some point in the year you will be awoken in the middle of the night with a fire alarm


Prepare yourself for the surprise inspections…



But above all else, you will enjoy being one, big dysfunctional family…


Here’s to the year ahead!





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