15 Struggles all Graduates Can Relate To

So, Graduation seems a distant memory and it is time for the next phase of your life… So many questions, yet so few answers. It is a hard life as a Graduate, uncertainty over the economy, more job-seekers than jobs going, and of course the classic – needing experience to get experience. All things considered, it has never been a worse time to be a graduate. Read on to see just some of the many struggles facing the graduates of today… Remember, it’ll all work out for you eventually!


1. Needing Experience to get Experience

Where better than to start with the classic. Even for the most menial of Graduate jobs, you need considerable experience to even apply. Not like we’ve been spending the last three years studying for a Degree or anything…



2. Wondering whether or not to do a Masters

Is it worth another 9k to return to University? But will it ever be the same again? Perhaps it’ll further my employment chances. Decisions, decisions, decisions…



3. Recovering from three years hard work

While University was certainly fun, it was also a lot of hard work. The dissertation, numerous essays and all of the reading, you can be forgiven for needing to recover from this.



4. Looking for jobs

Suddenly Student Gems and Monster are your best friends. You end up sending your CV and Cover Letter to half of the employers in the country.




5. Not knowing where to live

Stay in your University town/city, and see all of those annoyingly optimistic freshers, or move somewhere else, not knowing anyone in the area.



6. Suddenly having to do VERY grown up things

Learning cooking and laundry at University was hard enough, but now the serious stuff starts.


7. Questioning your life choices

Was 18-year old you really the person to decide your future?

Image result for regrets meme


8. Seeing everyone returning to University

Suddenly all of the pictures of your friends being back at University appear. You realise that you’d do anything to rewind twelve months. It is a bitter pill to swallow…

Image result for bart looking out window




9. Everyone asking you “So what now then dear”

So what? Now the only way to start a conversation is to ask about what the future holds? Sometimes it appears this way.


10. Suddenly everyone has advice for you

Further to the above, suddenly everyone thinks they know what is best. Cousins, second cousins, aunts, uncles, everyone has an opinion of what is next. You just look at them something like this…



11. Being out of your comfort zone

University and School were some tough years – however they were structured. And suddenly life is unstructured, and you don’t know how to react.



12. Uncertain future

These are tough economic times. There is a high level of uncertainty. Blame Brexit, or Wenger..




13. The Struggle of getting out of bed

As you start to lose hope, your bed becomes your sanctuary. Each morning, you just simply don’t want to leave.



14. Holding belief that it will all work out.

After numerous rejections, there is the feeling that you just can’t go on. With your confidence being hit, it is hard to keep faith.

Image result for michael scofield have faith




15. But Remembering at the end of the day, we’re all in this together

It will work out, eventually. After all, struggle is nature’s way of strengthening.





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