Girl Uses Tinder in Clever (But Dishonest) Way… And Makes Money

Tinder – the popular online dating app, is now the top grossing application in the Apple Store. With millions of people using the app on a day-to-day basis, there are sure to be some strange happenings going on. And this case is no different. One girl from Missouri, United States, has found a way of making money from Tinder, without having to really do anything. Every person’s dream – making money without doing anything. Especially Graduates, who have many ongoing struggles. So how did she manage this? Read on to find out how.


Step One: The Profile

On her profile, little information is given by ‘Maggie’. She is 20 years of age, providing a picture of (presumably) herself in an oversized sweatshirt, with little else on. Maggie studies at Missouri Western State University. Her tagline states simply ‘send me $5, see what happens’. So now, everything is set up, ready for any interest. And needless to say, it follows quickly…





Step Two: Cash In

So now that the profile was set up, Maggie was able to get some interest in her profile. Here is one such example…


So, someone is hooked. They are intrigued as to what $5 will get them. And hey, what is $5 these days anyway. So Maggie provides the interested party with a PayPal address, with the request of US Mail turned down. The punter goes ahead and sends the money into Maggie’s PayPal account. Success. So what now? The money has changed hands, so surely Maggie upholds her end of the deal. You guessed it…




Step Three: Break Free

So Maggie had no intention of playing ball, and to prohibit any unwanted communication, then proceeds to unmatch with anyone who shows interest. Therefore, ending their conversation. So what sort of money did she make?!





Step Four: Reap the Reward

And look what happens… As you can see, there was interest. In this screenshot alone the suggestion is ‘Maggie’ made $35 – a fine return. So then, is Maggie a genius, or dishonest?





Genius or Dishonest?

Reaction to Maggie’s work has prompted a fierce reaction on social media. Some have criticised her as being dishonest – safe to say a few more extreme words were said. However many praised Maggie – making the most of a market. She was well within her rights to use Tinder in this way, so long as she can sleep at night… Mainly however, there was criticism of the users who sent $5, expecting something in return. The suggestion was they were more at fault. So whether this incident will start a new trend of users adopting a similar stance remains to be seen. Who is more in the wrong? Who knows…





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