University League Tables


University League Tables form a fundamental area of selecting a University. It is generally recommended to choose a University that is based alongside your predicted grades. For instance, a student predicting straight A*’s should be looking at either Oxford or Cambridge. This might be despite the fact on an open day at e.g. Coventry University, they loved the University. However, above all, finding a University you are comfortable at must take precedence. Read more about this in our guide on how to choose the right University. This article provides links to the most recent University ranking tables.


Universities are ranked on a range of areas, year-on-year.


Here are four league tables for the 2018-19 Academic Year:




Click on any of the names to take you to their rankings, available on UniEel. Rankings are usually updated in around July-August of each year, so be sure to check back then. Remember to browse around the site for more useful content.



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University League Tables


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