$700 Trillion worth of Gold: Why No One Can Touch It

Gold… Something we all long to hold. And as for $770 trillion dollars worth of gold – this is something worth dreaming for. Unfortunately, this article provides very little detail on how you might go about securing this haul of gold. That is because the gold that is being described is in the ocean water. So oceans are a good place to look for gold? Yes. However, it isn’t something that is easy to achieve.


Some of the brightest minds have put their efforts into the sea water to gold process – with little success.


If someone was to pick up a litre of water from the ocean, his or her sample would only contain around 13 billionths of a gram of gold. In other words – a tiny amount. If you want to pick thirteen billion litres of sea water, you will secure yourself a gram of gold. But then there are the costs of turning the sea water into the gold itself, as supposed to a mere concentration.




So where did the maths come from in the headline?! Well, ocean waters around the world contain around 15-20 million tons of gold. As of Summer 2017, gold is valued at $42.50 per gram. Therefore, some simple mathematics returns a figure of around $700 trillion. Entire nations will usually create a Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of a few trillion dollars – which summarises just how much money could be made.




Unfortunately, despite numerous visionaries having great plans, there has been little success in turning sea water into gold. While some have succeeded, actually completing this process in a profitable fashion is near-on impossible. The process of turning sea water into gold is long, costly and time-consuming. Therefore it can’t really be seen as much of a surprise that it is something that hasn’t gained much success. Maybe one day there will be someone that can come up with a way of turning sea water into gold – in a profitable way. If someone can – they could potentially reap the rewards of an enormous windfall.





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