Weekly Bulletin: Mon 25 Sep 2017

Welcome to the Weekly Bulletin of News for Monday 25th September 2017. Here is a brief summary of the news emanating from the world in the past week.



  • Tension between North Korea and the United States of America have threatened to boil over in recent days. North Korea have accused the US of ‘declaring war’. President Donald Trump has been particularly vocal in recent days regarding North Korea’s nuclear program.



  • Germany have re-elected Angela Merkel for a fourth term as Chancellor. Merkel has enjoyed considerable success in Germany. However, a far-right party also gained seats in the election.



  • Transport for London (TfL) have denied Taxi service Uber a license to operate in London. This decision, which can be appealed, was the culmination of a series of struggles Uber has experienced in the UK. Uber have apologised for their actions, which looks set to prompt further talks. Uber are likely to appeal the decision.
  • An inquest into the Greenfell Tower collapse has begun and is ongoing. In some slightly positive news, it looks as if the amount of people that died is actually lower than the forecast amount.
  • Furthermore, an inquest into the kidnapping of British model Chloe Ayling is underway. In what is becoming a highly controversial case, there have been some suggestions that the kidnapping was ‘staged’.



  • After the pre-discussed ‘declaration of War’, the stock markets in USA have started to fall. This appears to be a knock-on effect of the simmering tensions.
  • After the Equifax Data Breach rocked America a couple months ago, Deloitte are the latest business to be hit by a breach. It appears as though some important details have been compromised. Watch this space.



  • The United Kingdom continues to deal with ‘Brexit’. There have been several questions in the media regarding Michael Gove and Boris Johnson.



  • Popular application ‘Angry Birds’ creator Rovio are set to float on the stock market. They are aiming for a $1bn valuation.





  • Several questions have been raised over school funding shortages, with one think-tank finding that more than 9,000 schools in England are in a deficit.
  • A £1.4m project into mental health in schools has been unveiled. Mental health issues are an issue that continue to be prevalent.


From UniEel

  • This week’s Editor’s choice is one that examines Gold. $700 trillion worth of gold is in the ocean – why can no one get it? Read on for an in-depth look.


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From the team at UniEel, good luck for the week ahead.


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