How to Structure a Personal Statement


A Personal Statement for your University application is a key part of the process. Other than your predicted grades – this is the most important part of your application. UniEel has put together a guide on the personal statement, available here. On this article, a recommended structure will be shown. It is important to tailor this structure to your course, but this is a general structure which should be a useful foundation to build upon.


Personal statements can be difficult to write!


Start with an Opener
This could be an observation, event or quotation that is relevant to the subject you will study. It is worth remembering that the admissions staff of each University will have a lot of applications to read – so having an engaging opener is crucial.


Why This Course?
The majority of your personal statement should go into answering this question. Here you can talk about the inspiration behind your course selection – make sure you go into detail. You can also showcase your knowledge of the subject – talk about your favourite facets and perhaps some of your best pieces of work.


Additional Activities
Here you can discuss anything that will enhance your application. Essentially anything you have done that is related to your chosen subject. This could be relevant work experience, taster events, summer schools etc. You could also talk about any books that you have read related to the subject, lectures or seminars you have engaged with. Make sure you talk about how these activities increased your enthusiasm for the subject.


Much to think about…


Personal Achievements
Next up, discuss your personal achievements. Again, try and link this to the course. What skills and qualities do you have? And how does this relate to your course. Have you served on the School Council? Been a prefect to younger students? Played on a sport team? Exhibited team work? Any of this will help you stand out from the crowd.


It is worth also briefly discussing any clubs, sports or hobbies you have, or even your experiences of a gap year. If you don’t have much to discuss here don’t worry, as the above areas should leave you well covered.




Here, briefly summarise the contents of your personal statement. Again, try and be engaging and finish on a memorable point. This is a model structure which can help you put together a personal statement that covers each point you need. Always check the website of the University to see if they want anything specific in the personal statement. But for the majority of cases – this structure has the potential to work well. For an exemplar personal statement, click here. Good luck with your writing.



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