14 Times Gemma Collins Summed Up The University Experience

With Gemma Collins taking over the Internet, take a look at how she has (inadvertently) summarised the University experience with her shenanigans down the years. From the highs to the lows, Gemma Collins has never failed to amuse us, and in a way, we feel like she has been with us every step of the way. Remember to like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter for more great viral articles! So here we go, the University experience… presented by Gemma Collins.


1. Buying Unnecessary Things

So your student loan has come through, and suddenly it’s time to splash out on things you don’t need, will never want and you will regret forever. Unless it’s a dog of course…



2. Stalking People on Social Media

This fundamental part of the University experience can almost become a hobby. That boy your housemate got with last night – find him. That girl that made eye contact with you on campus – find her. Or of course your crush, ex partner, or anyone… stalking their social media profiles is fun, until…


3. The 9am starts

Another thing that is inevitable – the early morning start. While getting for school for 9am was no problem, suddenly the five-minute walk/bus journey to campus seems like an expedition to Mount Everest. When the alarm sounds and you wake up, it leaves you looking a little like this…





4. Needless Assignments

Then when you make those lectures, suddenly you are set work that doesn’t count towards your end grade. Sure, it may ‘enrich your learning’, but it won’t get the same attention as that other assignment (that actually counts) will. Again, you end up looking like this…



5. Finances

Student Life is notorious for being synonymous with a low bank balance. While pending transactions are good at the time, when they hit you all at once, there is a sinking feeling.



6. Not Dressing Appropriately For the Night Out

Night’s out are usually fun experiences. But the problem is, you always need a good outfit for each night out. As alluded to above, there isn’t a chance to get something from ASOS every week due to finance. Therefore, it is inevitable that you will have at least one night where it all goes wrong.





7. Before vs After

You go looking like one thing, and come back looking like another…



8. Hanging with Friends

As much as you really might not like them, they are still fun people to be around.



9. Getting Results

So your lecturer, weeks after you handed in your assignment, has responded. Now it is the nervous wait to see how you did.





10. Stress

It isn’t all fun and games at University. When you have six essays, four reports, three group meetings and numerous chapters of reading to do, things can get a little stressful. Waking up in the morning looking like this is a common occurrence…



11. Phone Calls with Friends

One thing that makes it easier to deal with the assignments is friends. A common morning ritual involves calling your best friend to talk about how much work you have to do…. instead of actually doing it…



12. Arguments

Yes, there are arguments. Someone took your milk – let’s ‘av em. Someone doesn’t reply to your text, they’ll be sorry. Monopoly? Don’t start…





13. The Lows

For as fun as University is, there are times when things just get that little bit too much…



14: The Highs

But for all the lows, there are multiple highs. One day all the blood, sweat and tears will be worth it. Never change Gemma.






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