Netflix’s Latest Hit: ‘Dark’ – All You Need to Know


‘Dark’ – a new Netflix original series has been announced – and it looks exciting! The series, entirely produced and shot in Germany, will arrive on the streaming service on December 1. There has been considerable excitement surrounding the series, which will be in German with English subtitles. Read on for a preview of what is to come when ‘Dark’ makes it to our screens!


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‘Dark’ has been described as a ‘family saga with a supernatural twist’ – it clearly encompasses several areas. The series is set in a small German town, where two young children disappears. This event sets off a chain reaction of poor relations among four families. Yet arguably the most exciting area is that the question isn’t regarding who has kidnapped the children or where they have gone to – but instead ‘when’. Take a look at the trailer for more:



There will be ten episodes, each consisting of sixty minutes. The opening two episodes were screened at the 2017 Toronto Film festival, with a positive reaction meeting the screening. Inevitable comparisons with ‘Stranger Things’ have been made. The cast includes Louis Hofmann, Oliver Masucci and Anatole Taubman. While we have seven weeks to wait, once ‘Dark’ hits our screens, it will be well-worth watching!


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