Every Person You’ll Meet At University: As Told by Riverdale

As Riverdale returns to our screens, and with the University year in full swing, we take a look at every person you’ll meet during your University stay – with the added twist of using characters from Riverdale. Seventeen of our favourite Riverdale residents make up this list!




1. The Easy-Going One – Archie Andrews


Life at University can be stressful, so it is useful to have an Archie close by. Archie has some stress, but can he cope? Of course. Typically fun to go out with, and not afraid to help a friend – it is safe to say Archie is well worthy of a spot on this prestigious list.


2. The Positive Influence – Veronica Lodge


At first we were unsure on Veronica – she did have a reputation. But after seeing the way she took Betty under her wing (minus the closet incident) and helped Ethel, she turned out well. The positive influence at University will ensure you get your assignments done on time, will spur you on, motivate you, and be at hand when life is taking its toll. Unfortunately however, not everyone is like this…


3. The Negative Influence – Alice Cooper


Momma Cooper was a rather unpopular character in Season One. She held back her daughter Betty. While she somewhat improved in Season Two, we’re still unsure on her. The negative influence at University is the one who will order you to get those extra shots, will propose going shopping instead of studying, and will encourage you to miss lectures. They’ll tell you it’s in your best interest’s – but ultimately you know they’re bad for you. Usually in their prime during fresher’s week…




4. The Drinker – FP Jones


Another prevalent part of fresher’s week – the heavy-drinker takes centre stage. Often seen with alcohol within touching distance, the heavy-drinker will encourage you to drink with them. Our selection here is FP Jones. He is unreliable, has a short-fuse, and generally isn’t someone to rely on.


5. The Person You See Once – Then Never Again – Myles McCoy


Another fresher’s week related person – that person you see once… then never again. You might strike up some small talk, speak about where you come from and what hall you’re in. Then of course, the conversation will end with ‘see you soon then’ – though you never do. A bit like Myles McCoy, who graced our screens for the grand sum of one episode. Will we see him again? Like that person on campus, no. But it is worth remembering, you are at University to learn…


6. The Wise Professor – Fred Andrews


Some of your lecturers will be approachable, calm, and be interesting. They will make that 9am start bearable. They are rare – but they are out there. Fred Andrews – the fine looking young man fits this category – he has been a fine father to Archie. Like Archie respected his father, we all respect those good lecturers.


7. The Weird Professor – Cliff Blossom


But for every Fred, there is a Cliff. Unfortunately, there are a number of strange professors at your University. You long suspect that they are hiding something – only to find out when it’s too late. Cliff, who ended up killing his own son, isn’t someone you would want to tussle with. But he sure knew how to give a talk.


8. The One You Can’t Read – Jughead Jones


Moving back to student’s, we find that person that you never quite know what to think of. Sometimes you think they are someone you can trust, other time’s you wonder if they are planning on mass destruction. Here we have Jughead Jones. Our beloved narrator, but there’s always that feeling that he is a ticking time-bomb. As long as he doesn’t harm our dear Betty…


9. The Reliable One – Smithers


When the essays and assignments get underway, it is useful to have someone to go to when you need help. Someone that is reliable. And they don’t come much more loyal than Smithers. Smithers is fiercely loyal, and looks like he would take a bullet for you if you needed. He’s the sort of person you would want in a group project, which we come onto next…




10. The Workaholic – Betty Cooper


That person who never stops working. They instantly earn your respect, and you aspire to be like them. You don’t know how they find the time to fit everything in, but they somehow manage too. Our beloved Betty joins the party at this stage. From episode one, Betty hasn’t stopped. Fighting for her sister Polly, caring for Jughead, finding out about the Blossom murder, finding out the identity of the Black Hood and even dealing with Chick. She is the exact person you want in a group project – you know that she’ll lead you to that illusive first.


11. Team Member Who Does Nothing – Ginger Lopez


The exact antithesis of Betty – Ginger Lopez. If you’re wondering who she is – she was someone who judged alongside Cheryl for the Vixens Cheerleading squad. When you have a group project – you want to avoid the likes of Ginger. This person just sits in the background, rolls her eyes, contributes very little, before making a swift exit.


12. The Drop-Out – Geraldine Grundy


This is the person that joins for fresher’s week, might come to a few lectures in the opening weeks of term, before deciding University isn’t for them. Enter Geraldine Grundy. Sure, she was there for the opening episodes, but after a mid-season departure, she wasn’t to be seen again. You often wonder where that person went too – and will they ever come back?


13. The Fashion Queen – Cheryl Blossom


While Cheryl isn’t a universally well-liked person, we are certainly in Camp Cheryl. Yes, at times she can be annoying and a drama queen, but she certainly knows how to dress, and might just be that person you ask for fashion advice. The fashion queen knows all the latest fashion do’s and dont’s, will know the promo codes, and is an all-round intriguing character. Never change Cheryl.


14. The Jock – Chuck Clayton


Ah, the jock. A simple fact of life – they exist. Probably a club promoter, will be on either the football or rugby team, and will generally be found at the students’ union on multiple occasions. Chuck Clayton fits the bill here – having been behind the ‘locker-room’ behaviour of many of Riverdale’s male community. Fortunately, Betty and Veronica did their best to get revenge. We’ll ignore the part where Betty almost murdered Chuck…




15. The Creep – Nick St. Clair


Nick St. Clair burst onto the scene in Season Two, as he attempted to drug Cheryl. Fortunately, our positive influence Veronica led the charge as Nick was stopped in the nick of time (pun intended). Veronica delivered a powerful knee to the balls of Nick – we thought this would be the end of him. Nick managed to recover from the devastating attack, but fortunately, he would soon leave again. Unfortunately however, people like Nick do exist in real life too… try avoid them!


16. The Gay Best Friend – Kevin Keller


A crucial part of every University experience – the gay best friend. Fashion-oriented, clever, funny and sensitive – this person is always available to offer a shoulder to cry on. Kevin of course enters our article here. Kevin is a reliable guy, and is fun to be around.




17. The Gap Year – Dilton Doiley


Last but not least, the ‘gap-year’. That guy who ‘went to Thailand one person and came back another’, or ‘went to Australia to find who they really were’. Any possible thing that happens will be related to their gap year. You pick up a jar of curry sauce, the gap-year guy met the founder of Loyd Grossman. You drink a smoothie, but wait, ‘you should’ve seen the one’ this person had ‘while in’ another country. While a gap year is a good experience, we could do without the constant references to it. While Dilton as far as we’re aware hasn’t been on a gap year, he strikes us as the sort of person that would fit this description.





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