“The Dress” 2.0?! What Colour Are These Shoes?!

A new optical illusion is sweeping the Internet, and sending it into a frenzy. After the heated debate three years ago on the colour of a dress, it is possible that we have a similar argument to discuss now. Facebook user Nicole Coulthard captured the argument-causing shoes, before uploading the image on the social network. Now, the debate is surrounding whether or not user’s see pink and white, or grey and blue! So take a look, and you decide what colour they really are. And then, see the explanation after.




Nicole found that she and her friends disagreed on the colour. While some report seeing a pale pink and white, others suggest it is grey and blue. The infamous dress had combinations of white and gold, or blue and black, suggested. While the shoe will probably not make the impact that the dress had, it is still capable of dividing opinion across the Internet.





So as for the explanation, it is quite simple. Somewhere along the way this picture was manipulated. The original picture, as seen below, clearly shows the original shot. However, the image on the right has been darkened, as visible from the background, not to mention the fingers seen. So it is all to do with lighting. And due to people seeing the image on the right in different lighting, it can create the effect of a pink and white shoe. So to confirm, the manipulated image can be either colour, depending on your eye’s, the time of day and your surroundings, but the original, is certainly pink and white.







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