Ophelia: The UK and Ireland Reacts

United Kingdom and Ireland are preparing for the most extreme weather since the ‘Great Storm of 1987’. The remnants of Hurricane Ophelia are making landfall in the area, so far having battered the Republic of Ireland, where winds of up to 110mph have been recorded. This has caused several to report power losses. There have been a range of warnings of inclement weather across Ireland, Wales, Scotland and Northern England. Not to be outdone, the South of England is bracing itself for possible floods. So take a look at how this hurricane is affecting the UK and Ireland, of course with the help of some of Twitter’s finest. But above all, stay safe out there, these are dangerous times.


Many airports have seen airlines cancel flights, leaving empty boarding areas.


Without a doubt, Ireland is bearing the brunt of the storm. The most extreme weather is being seen there, where all schools were closed for the day. Power losses have been reported too. Dublin airport, the major transport-hub for Ireland, suggested that up to 130 flights would be cancelled. It is expected that this weather will continue long into the day. Many ferries, trains and bus services have been cancelled.





The Northern parts of England have been affected by heavy winds. In the South, while windy, it doesn’t appear at this stage to be anything to worry about. The east of England are reporting unusually warm weather for October, meaning it looks likely that they will miss out on the bad weather. All of the information in this article is likely to change in the forthcoming hours.


Here are some images and videos of the destruction caused:




And remember the warriors among us…


Remember to stay safe during this hurricane.




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