Ways of Saving Money at University


With the spiralling cost of University, it is more important than ever before for student’s to save money wherever possible! With tuition fees often totalling £9,250, living costs often reaching around £10,000 and needing money to socialise – the total quickly adds up! Student’s can be forgiven for worrying about money. A student loan certainly helps, but it will only take you so far! Fortunately, help is at hand, this useful guide provides you with some ideas on how to save money at University, which should help you in the future!


If possible, we all want to avoid throwing all your money, including the kitchen sink, at University.


Course Materials

One of the most frustrating aspects of University is discovering that your £9,250 in tuition doesn’t really include much. You will be expected to buy numerous textbooks, print course materials and more. Brand-new textbooks will often cost over £50. However, utilise second-hand copies – either from the library, eBay, or BookBarn International. Printing costs can quickly rise, it could be recommended to buy a second hand printer. This will save you money in the long-run, and is also very convenient! Plus, if you really want to make money – charge your housemates to use the printer! When you plan on selling your textbooks – take a look at our guide here for help!


Living Costs
As cosy as halls/dorms are, they usually cost much more than rented accommodation. It is usually possible to secure a nice house/flat for less money than hall accommodation. Also, see if you are eligible for grants, bursaries and scholarships – they can help alleviate living costs. If you are going to be travelling via train, check out this article that considers 7 Ways of Saving on Rail Travel. You could also try and use less electricity – switch off lights, take shorter showers, try and use the oven with someone – this will all add up.


It would also be recommended not to purchase a TV license. A TV license costs over £150, and only actually gives you access to BBC channels and the BBC iPlayer. Really, Netflix or Amazon Prime Video will be much better, and is much cheaper! They provide much more choice, and will give you something to relax with. But remember, you are at University to study!


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Doing your grocery shopping in the evening has its advantages – you are much more likely to find bargains. Also, consider freezing groceries wherever possible – this is an excellent way of stretching your budget further.


One of the perks of having freedom at University is the ability to venture into town however much you want. But a good way of saving money comes through discount and loyalty cards. Major supermarkets such as Tesco and Sainsbury’s offer loyalty cards which can save you money over the course of a year. Check out the NUS Card as this offers multiple savings.


We’ve already touched on Amazon, but it really deserves its own category – as it can be so useful in many ways! Textbooks at Amazon typically cost much less than those at retailers such as Blackwell’s. An Amazon Student subscription is highly-recommended. The first six months are free, before a 12-month subscription for £39 kicks-in. For this, there is free one-day delivery on countless items, the entire Amazon Prime Video catalogue is available – and more. You can even cancel at the end of the free six months. Qualifying textbook orders of over £40 will have 10% taken off the price too – an impressive amount! In terms of Amazon overall, whenever you are planning on buying something, always check the Amazon Warehouse – there are often cheaper deals available there! We have a bespoke Amazon advice article here!




Finally, only take cash when you are going out for the evening – having a card will only serve as a temptation to you!




Hopefully this short guide has given you some ideas on how you can save money at University. Spending money is a part of life – and it can be difficult to have fun without spending. But you don’t have to spend recklessly, and with some clever and savvy actions, you can save yourself a lot of money over time. In the long-term, this can be helpful! For more information on funding at University, take a look at our article here.



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