The Amazing Reasons Given for Leaving a Partner at the Altar

A Wedding day is commonly the happiest day of someone’s life. It is the culmination of months of hard work, stress, and organising. Of course too, it is where a relationship is officially sealed. To get to this position, in the vast majority of cases the couple would’ve enjoyed several happy years together. Yet, despite the cacophony of expectation, sometimes a wedding day doesn’t go as planned. In the worst cases, sometimes partners will be left at the altar. Now, people who have been in this situation have taken to the popular app Whisper, to reveal their stories. Some of the reasons are unbelievable! Take a look…


Every bride will experience highs and lows during their Wedding day.


We will start with the sad reasons. One person said that they ‘realised they had never loved’ their partner. To realise this on your wedding day must be very difficult… There were numerous people saying they simply got ‘cold feet’ on the big day, and couldn’t go through with it. Another said she ‘finally accepted she was gay’, which again must’ve been a big decision, at a bad time! One especially heart-wrenching reason was that the bride suffered a miscarriage on their wedding day – and couldn’t come to terms with what happened.


Regretfully, spite was an issue in some cases. One groom left his fiancé after overwhelming pressure from his family, who ‘hated’ her. One imagines this must have been a difficult relationship for all parties. One bride found out that the groom had been sleeping with her stepmother, causing an acrimonious split. That was surely an awkward occasion! Other reasons included one seeing they ‘just couldn’t see’ themselves being with one person for the rest of their life. Fortunately, there are some positive tales to emanate from this!




One person described how leaving their partner at the altar was the ‘best decision’ they had ever made. This is positive to see – sometimes tough decisions lead to better things, after all, struggle is nature’s way of strengthening. Another made the decision to ‘leave before it was too late’. Again, it is important to get out of a potentially dangerous situation sooner rather than later. Finally, another revealed that after leaving their fiancé at the altar, that they were now happily married elsewhere…. with the bride’s cousin!


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These tales show that as exciting as a wedding can be, there are cases when thing’s go wrong! While many of these were sad, at least some cases proved to bring more happiness in the long-run. For the full article, with additional stories, click this link. Just remember, the vast majority of times, wedding’s go according to plan. And even better, hopefully, it will be the happiest day of your life.





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