Every Person You’ll Meet On a Night Out… As Told by Tracy Beaker

Night’s out rarely pass without incident – whether at home, University or somewhere else. Sometimes you will wake up the next morning without recollection of the previous night’s events, while others you will remember every last detail… One thing that is consistent however, is that regardless of location, the same stereo-typical clubbers will frequent the venue. A bit like how we consistently knew that Tracy Beaker episodes would be half an hour of drama and excitement. So here, with the help of characters from Tracy Beaker, we take a look at every person you’ll meet on a night out.


Night’s out… Something always happens


The Taxi Driver – Duke


The dream taxi driver – someone always up for a discussion, a shoulder to cry on, and providing a wealth of experience. Most importantly, he needs to be a reliable person to get you to and from the club. Are these qualities perfectly matched to Duke or what? We all loved Duke, and when he left our screen to go to ‘The Caribbean’ in the final series, a big part of the show died.


The Bouncer – Bouncer


Well who else could we give this title too? Unfortunately, bouncers in real life usually get mad with power and think they run the show. It is their sole discretion whether or not your in a fit enough state to go into the club. Bouncer from Tracy Beaker would surely make a good bouncer – fair, yet firm. And if you needed him to step in, he would be more than willing to, as young Ben found out back in Series 2. Once this stage is safely negotiated, the fun begins – you enter the club.


The Joker – Lol


To kick things off in the club, you will soon want a drink. As you join the queue, which sometimes resembles the queue to the London Eye, you will come across someone who thinks they are funny. They start saying ‘funny’ jokes, and you just nod and smile. While Lol had his funny moments, we get the feeling he would fit this description. Also, without Bouncer he did get a bit lost in Series 5, which justifies his inclusion here. Now that you have got your drink, you start to settle down – you look around and see many different types of people.




Wild & Crazy Girls – Justine and Louise


They are best friends, need no one else, and for a few hours at least, are loving life. They are killing it on the dance-floor, but with numerous drinks, you wonder what state they’ll be in at the end of the night. At least they have each other… This is where Justine and Louise enter. The duo were best friends, and rarely did anything without the other by their side. Even when others i.e. Tracy, did their best to break them up, their bond was unbreakable. Usually found on campus during the day investigating a missing over-sized chocolate bar.


The Ladies Man – Crash


As for the rest of the women in the club, or at least a good percentage, they are surrounding the ladies man. He too is enjoying life – and the hardest thing to do is choose which girl to focus on. Crash fits this category well. While he may not have got on with the boys too well, the girls, including Jackie and Tracy, always enjoyed the company of Crash. There was even the one episode where Crash had Justine and Rebecca/Becks fighting over him. What a lucky man!


The Rich One – Wolfie


Another lucky man is the one who has been handed a big fat cheque from their parent’s. He is surrounded by people, as he is the one buying the drinks. Unfortunately, you wonder without his money, would he be in this situation? Of course, poor Wolfie fits in here. When his housemates found out about his wealth, they fought over him for his friendship. Poor Wolfie…




The One Everyone Dislikes – Michael


On the other hand, there is someone that people don’t even pretend to like. He tries desperately to find a group to hang out with, but no one accepts him. This is because, he is a total you know what. Just like Michael. Was there a character in children’s television that we disliked more? Not one episode did he secure our love, and when he got the boot at the end of Series Three, many called for a national holiday to celebrate.


The Hard Kids – The Wellard’s


You also see some people in a small huddle, looking menacing. These are the hard kids, who you don’t want to tussle with. Of course, the famous trio of Roxy, Rio and Chantal Wellard make their entrance here. These three caused all sort of mischief in their two-year stay at the Dumping Ground. They scare even the Bouncer himself – best to avoid.


The Graduate – Adele


On University night’s out, you can often spot a graduate. As sad as it is – they know their time has been and gone, but they’re out anyway, looking to turn back time. Deep down, you feel sorry for them. But that’s life – and someone needed to say that to Adele when she struggled to fit in at the ‘halfway house’. She boomeranged back to the Dumping Ground, before finally leaving at the end of Series Three.




The Older Person – Elaine


Similar to the graduate, this person wants to party like its 1999, though sadly it isn’t. They try and fit in with the younger people. Full marks for trying, but it just isn’t working. Enter Elaine the pain. Everyone’s favourite social worker – she facilitated numerous fostering’s and was rumoured to be on the Queen’s Honours List for services to children. She didn’t quite make it there. Like the older person, we all like them really, and if anything, a part of us feels sorry for them.


The Youthful One – Maxy


He looks too young to be here, but he’s loving it. You almost want to go put an arm round him and protect him from the evil nature of the world. But you don’t, and instead, you just sit back and watch, admiring his youthful optimism. Maxy was only around for one season, but he left his mark on the Dumping Ground. Just like how we missed Duke in the last series, something always seemed to be missing without Maxy after Series One. After thinking to yourself – I can’t keep up with the likes of Maxy, you decide it’s time to call it a night, it is getting late anyway.


Emotional One – Jackie


So you’re on your way out and when you finally take a breath of fresh air, you see a huddle of girls, with a group surrounding a friend, who is in tears. Something happened to her during the night, and out of loyalty, her friends have followed her out of the club. They are all trying to liven her spirits. Jackie had some tough times, and while generally she coped well, she was known to be sad at times. And the whole running away thing at the start of series three put her in our bad books from the get-go. But, you sidestep the tears and begin to walk home, until…




The One Looking for a Fight – Tracy Beaker


While you saw this person earlier in the night, you didn’t really take much notice of them. This person is simply looking for a fight, whether it be with a man, woman, boy, girl or lamppost – they’ll take on anyone and anything. Again, you want to try and avoid them. This, of course is Tracy. The star of the show – she ate worms, she ran off from Cam, burned down Cam’s kitchen, turned Peter into a devil child, fought with Justine, tried to ruin everything for everyone whenever possible, all while questioning why she wasn’t getting fostered. And yet, we loved her.





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