UniEel Experiencing: Lesotho

Lesotho is a country located in Africa. The country is known for being totally surrounded by South Africa. Lesotho is therefore a landlocked country. The majority of the nation is based at a high altitude. This has knock-on effects for the climate – which is slightly cooler than countries in the Southern area of the continent of Africa. Winter temperatures often hit minus figures. Christianity forms the main religion in the country, with both Protestant and Roman Catholic’s prevalent. Lesotho has two official languages – Sotho and English. The population of the nation is approximately 2,200,000. There is a lot to see and do in this country. Overall, Lesotho is an interesting nation, helping to form this edition of ‘UniEel Experiencing’.





Nation: Lesotho
Continent: North America
Capital: Maseru
Land Mass: 12,000 square miles
Population: 2,200,000
Religion: Christianity
Language: Sotho & English
Currency: Lesotho Loti


Lesotho has an interesting history. After early rule under King Moshoeshoe I, the nation became part of the British Empire in the mid-1800s. The nation was known as ‘Basutoland’ until 1966, when, after securing independence from the United Kingdom, the country became known as the Kingdom of Lesotho. Controversy surrounding an election came to fruition in the 1970s, when Prime Minister Leabua Jonathon refused to surrender power despite losing the election. A military coup in 1986 eventually ended his reign. Unfortunately, conflict, and more coups, have continued, the most recent coup was in 2014. In general however, the nation is largely stable.


Things to Do and See:
Lesotho features numerous sights and landmarks. The capital Maseru is often visited by tourists, with the Parliamentary building worth visiting. The Maloti mountains are an intriguing site, while other well-known landmarks include the Katse and Mohale Dam’s. Arguably the most renowned tourist attraction is the Sani Pass – which provides stunning views that extend into South Africa. It is worth looking ahead at some of the tours that are available too.


Lesotho is an interesting location to visit. There is much to see and do, with the nation featuring many interesting sights. This short guide should provide you with key information regarding Trinidad & Tobago, complete with ideas of things to do. Look out for more countries being analysed in our ‘Experiencing’ series. For more information on Lesotho, consult the UK’s Travel Advice for Lesotho at this link. Happy travelling!




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