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For many students, especially those that are internationally-based, a common dilemma at the end of each academic year is to decide how to get all of their items home. Especially those that are leaving for just a couple months, it can seem pointless to pack everything for home. Fortunately, there are a range of ways you can keep your stuff safe over the holidays, namely self storage. In this guide we take a look at self storage and give you a few ideas.


What to take back and what to leave?!


The great thing about self storage is that it is very easy to arrange and convenient. If you only need to keep items overnight while your tenancy starts, no problem. Alternatively, longer stays are just as commonly catered for. To take things back a step, self storage is where you hand over your goods, usually in boxes, to a courier who will take said boxes to a secure location. Your belongings will remain at the self storage for as long as you specify. You’ll usually pay per week, and collection is normally easily done. As you see, this can be very a useful system!



There are countless self-storage options available to you. Many local companies offer storage solutions – make sure you compare from business-to-business to try and find the lowest price. Moreover, try and utilise your student status to get a discount. Safestore offer a 20% discount for students, while Big Yellow Storage offer 50%! Boxes will often be provided – this can be highly beneficial and it is recommended that you ensure you check this aspect before renting storage space.


In the event you need to supply your own boxes, consider using your local supermarket. They will commonly have boxes through their deliveries that would be perfect for storage. Call them before and request that some are left unflattened for you. This commonly happens! Retail workers, as this guide shows, put up with a lot! Just ensure the boxes are secure – you might consider investing in some duct tape to secure your possessions!


Boxes can be useful!


In terms of what you actually put into the boxes, ensure you don’t overdo it. Think logically about what you need to take back with you – the kitchen sink can stay. Only put things in self storage that you want to. Make sure you only order the appropriate amount – this will reduce the risk of paying too much. But at the same time, ensure you don’t underestimate this!




Overall, there are many, many options for self storage. Using this in the correct way can be hugely helpful for you! It can save you considerable money. We can recommend the two companies above, both are well-renowned and include a student discount. Remember to browse around our site for more helpful advice. Check out our viral lists here for something more humorous!



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