The Best Reactions to the Clock-Change

As is customary for this time of year, the United Kingdom witnessed the clock going back an hour. Despite it being the same year-on-year, this wasn’t welcomed, nor prepared for, by everyone! While you would think the extra hour of sleep would be welcomed, as we shall see, reactions have actually been the opposite. With the help of Twitter, we take a look at the best reactions to the clock change.



First of all, there is the confusion – what time is it? Has my phone automatically updated the time or not?



Why stop at Brexit when you can take on the world.


But why even bother with life anyway?

Some took the chance to share their outlook on life.




Extra Thanks to the NHS Workers

We have to remember all those on a night shift worked an extra hour.


But could they help us with this?

What an interesting question…


But what about the extra hour of sleep?

Well, for many, this simply didn’t happen…


It wasn’t bad for everyone…

For some, there were no regrets.




Happy ‘Clock’s Back’!

We will leave you with this.





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