8 Great Things About Being a Student in Bath


Bath is a famous city – featuring stunning landmarks, green space and interesting museums among other monuments. Spending your University years in Bath is a wise decision – it will offer you an experience like no other. As well as hosting thousands of students, the city features two strong institutions – with both the University of Bath and Bath Spa present in the city. So here, we take a look at the best things about being a student in Bath.


The Royal Crescent is a well-known landmark in Bath


1. The Beauty of Bath


Approximately 1,000,000 tourists visit the city year-on-year, and it isn’t hard to see why. And yes, the entire city is a designated UNESCO Heritage site – how many University cities can say that?! Wherever you look in Bath (minus the SU toilets), there are stunning sights. The Royal Crescent, Bath Abbey and the Roman Baths are all well-known spots. Even the University of Bath campus is a thing beauty – it makes us proud to study here.


2. Student City

Bath is a student-centric city, with both the University of Bath and Bath Spa featuring. There are therefore tens of thousands of students, meaning there is no shortage of people to meet. The University of Bath is one of the best in the United Kingdom, while Bath Spa is well-known for its creativity.


3. Culture

The culture of Bath is amazing. Thanks to the above, there are students from all over the world at Bath. Not only do you have the culture of Bath, but you can learn all about different cultures. Bath truly is an international city.





4. The Convenience


Other than the grind of Bathwick Hill, Bath is easy to navigate around. As Bath is a small city, everything is close by. There are a great mix of small and large shops, independent and chain cafés and more. With everything so close, it saves us on transport costs, however…


5. Excellent Transport Links

If you do need to use public transport, it could hardly be easier. It is easy to get from A to B. Especially with the 24-hour service from the town centre to the  main campus. Just try and avoid the early morning buses, which will often resemble the London Underground rush hour. Train links to neighbouring cities and even Wales are impressive, and a day trip to London isn’t out of the question. Just remember, when using the Bath buses, don’t ever give the driver a note…



6. Safeness

Unlike many city University’s, students feel safe in Bath. We don’t see the chaos often seen in the likes of Birmingham! Crime statistics are low in Bath, especially when compared to other cities. The security team at University are always on hand to help anyway.


7. Nightlife

Yes – one of the fundamental components of student life doesn’t let you down in Bath. There is no shortage of choice of places to go. Even better, with many of the clubs being underground, a great atmosphere is created. Second Bridge, Zero / Zero and Komedia are just some of the popular nightspots. With the range available in Bath, there is always something for everyone.


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8. The Ducks


Sure, if you are attacked by them then it isn’t great, but we still love them. And without them, it simply wouldn’t be the same. Altogether, these eight areas show just why it is amazing to be a student in Bath.





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