11 Great Things About Being a Student in Brighton


The stunning city of Brighton is well-known in the United Kingdom for a variety of reasons. While student life is fun wherever you are based, there is certainly something special about Brighton! Spending your student years in Brighton is a great idea, and this article will show you just some of the reasons why! As well as hosting thousands of students, Brighton has beautiful views and landmarks – making it a great place to be a student!


Brighton is well-renowned for a number of reasons


1. The Beauty of Brighton

It seems wherever you look in Brighton, every area falls into the ‘picturesque’ category! Brighton is a beautiful city, and it feels like a blessing to be able to study in such amazing surroundings. Brighton is frequently visited by tourists – evidence of how well known the city is. For many international students who come over to the UK, Brighton is a must-see!


2. Brighton Pier


One of the areas that Brighton is famous for – the pier. The landmark offers stunning views. But even better, there is a lot to do on the pier – it is something you won’t get tired of. The pier is usually the first thing student’s flock to see.


3. Brighton Beach


While Brighton beach isn’t a sand beach set on the Mediterranean, it offers a lot of charm. The beach is perfect for any occasion – a morning stroll, a break from the rigours of University, or even walking off the hangover from the night before. Again, there are great views, and activities are often available to do. A slew of café’s in the nearby area is very convenient too!




4. Student City

Being a student in Brighton is great, as there are so many of us! Both the University of Brighton and University of Sussex are based in the city, while there are a range of colleges around. This means there are an abundance of people to meet, and many cultures to get to know too! Making friends is easy, and the good relations between University’s make nights-out fun!



5. Brighton’s Culture

Yes we voted for the Green Party! If this doesn’t scream acceptance, then Pride certainly does. Every year scores of people descend upon Brighton for Pride. Whatever your orientation, it is a fun event. There is always a positive atmosphere in the city, which is helpful when you are up to your neck in work!


6. Nightlife

people dancing inside building

There is a diverse range of great night spots in Brighton. We could write a separate article on the places to go to. There are a few highlights. ‘Patterns’ is a must-visit, a £3 entry fee for the duration is reasonable, as are drink prices! Fatto a Mano is well-known for their amazing pizzas! Green Door Store and of course Pryzm’s Wednesday student night’s can be recommended. There are also a lot of indie pubs and cafés too, there is something for everyone in terms of having a good night out!




7. Transport Links

It’s easy to reach other British landmarks

The United Kingdom is full of beautiful locations, and due to the great array of transport links from Brighton – travel is easy! Train links to London are easy, convenient and quick. Forward travel from there is easy too, meaning you can discover the rest of the UK easily! Coach travel too is easily done. And of course, walking too!


8. Museums

As well as all the above, Brighton features several interesting museums. The Brighton Museum and Art Gallery features a lot of both contemporary and classic sights. For the more niche taste – consider attending the Brighton Fishing Museum or Brighton Toy and Model Museum.


9. Low Crime Rates


Sure, a Saturday night out in Brighton town centre can have its flashpoints, but in general, Brighton is a safe city to be a student in. Especially when compared to other cities in the United Kingdom! In general, it is a safe place to study!


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10. Shopping

There are a great range of stores in Brighton! There are a good mix of chain stores and independent retailers too. As mentioned earlier too, if shopping isn’t your thing, there are many café’s to visit – great if you need take a break!


11.  North Laines

Finally, one of the most well-renowned and iconic areas of Brighton – the North Laines. It is a must-see, and for many student’s, it will be a location frequented during your stay! There is fantastic architecture here, complete with impressive graffiti – if art is your thing! Overall, Brighton is an awesome place to be a student!





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