People Reveal Strange Items They’ve Stolen from Work

The modern day workplace, complete with its stresses and annoyance factors, can leave you soul-searching. You could be forgiven for wanting to bust open the tills, take the money and run. But while not many follow through with that particular plan, others will take other things, strange things. Users have taken to the popular confessions app Whisper – revealing strange items they have taken from their workplace. The results were intriguing, but definitely bizarre. Read on to have a look!


The workplace can be the source of considerable annoyance!


Some of the things stolen appeared to be related to greed. One employee mentioned how he stole a family-sized pack of Oreo’s. Well, they are nice… Another, who was clearly lacking in the gaming department, decided to address this issue by stealing a chair from his workplace’s conference room – as it looked perfect for gaming. One patron told how they stole a bar of Snickers once, and haven’t been able to enjoy the bar since – despite them being her favourite. Others included a memory card for a phone and a ‘cute diary’… each to their own.




As mentioned in the introduction – some were bizarre. One person revealed how they stole a fake Christmas tree from their workplace. They used the logic that it was best to take the tree earlier in the year, before anyone would notice. One stole toilet paper – as they were too tired to go to the store. While mail may be on the decrease, clearly some still value it – as one decided to take a bread scoring knife from Subway – as it was perfect for opening mail. As many of the student’s on this site will be able to relate to, one stole sachets of mayonnaise from work, so that he could make tuna at home later in the day.




There were some slightly more respectable choices. One told how they stole a pre-paid envelope from work. Three years later, this person replaced it, they suggested their ‘conscience was clear’ as a result. Another suggested the only thing they ever stole in their life came from the workplace – a can of tuna. This was for their best friend’s cat – a selfless act. Finally, saving the most bizarre until last… Someone stole a mop and bucket from work – because they didn’t know where to buy it from. The lasting image of this is seeing someone leaving work with this in their hand – what a world we live in.

For the full article, with additional confessions – check out this link.





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