11 Things To Do While at Anglia Ruskin University


Anglia Ruskin University offers an excellent student experience, with the surrounding area offering a lot to do. We’ve compiled this list for any Anglia Ruskin student, these are the things you should do during your stay at the University to ensure that you’ve enjoyed the full student experience! These things range from landmarks, places to travel too, and of course most importantly – graduation! While the University is of course split across two main campuses, travel between them is easy, therefore this list should be perfect for everyone!


1.  See Chelmsford Cathedral


While there are a range of landmarks to see in the area, few match the pure beauty of Chelmsford Cathedral. The area is frequented by tourists – showing what a popular location is. The inside of the building too is picturesque. This is a great building well worth seeing in and around.


2. Student’s Union

Anglia Ruskin’s Student’s Union is well worth engaging with. You can join societies and take part in activities. Both of these are excellent ways of making new friends – which always helps with University!


3. Enjoy the Nightlife!


We’re lucky at our University, regardless of which campus you’re based in – that there are some great night spots. The nightlife is great, and there are many different places to choose from. The Man on the Moon is a personal favourite, while if food is more your thing – try out the Alexandra Arms – their Sunday roast is known University-wide for being exceptional!




4. Learn About Different Cultures

We’re lucky at our University to boast a strong international community. Getting to know student’s from other countries can be really interesting and certainly a learning curve! You could also try their cuisine – you might find something you like!



5. Try Out the Sport Facilities


One of the great things about our University is that it offers state-of-the-art sport facilities. Whether you are competing on the University football team or a sport novice, you should definitely try them out! There is something for everyone. And plenty of choice too!


6. Go On An Adventure!

While University work must take priority, make sure you get a good work/life balance. A popular choice for student’s is to go kayaking or canoeing – both can be done on the Chelmer/Blackwater canoe trail. Doing something adventurous like this will help you chill out – it will have a positive effect on your work!




7. Go To Parker’s Piece

green leaf trees

This picturesque area near the University is a must-visit. This is perfect for some down-time or to shake off the hangover from the night before! In the summer, this area if frequented by student’s!


8. Go To LockHouse Escape Games

For the ultimate fun day out – visit LockHouse Escape! There are a range of activities to do here, many you can complete with your friend’s. The diverse amount of things you can do here take different amounts of time, and therefore can be convenient for everyone!


9. Travel to Other Parts of the United Kingdom


Another great thing about our University is the location. The two campuses are in a prime location for travel to other parts of the United Kingdom. Cambridge is the obvious place to go – and you could consider booking a tour guide to get the full experience! But London isn’t too far away, and onward travel from there to places like Brighton or Reading could be recommended. You can discover a lot of places in the UK really easily!


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10. Study Hard!

A bit more boring, but certainly something you should do at the University! By working hard, you’ll be able to achieve a great result. Our University boasts strong graduate prospects – you can do it!


11. Graduate!


The single most important part of being a student at Anglia Ruskin – graduate! Make sure you get to this day. The Mumsford Theatre is a stunning setting, and hopefully it will be one of the proudest day’s of your life! Hopefully you can complete many of these things in your stay at Anglia Ruskin!





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