Student Writer/Contributor FAQ’s

UniEel is always actively searching for contributors to our site. You can write articles regarding news at your institution, create viral lists, and there will often be the chance to help run a social media page too! This all equates to providing you with professional experience – you won’t even need to leave your room to achieve this! Plus, we’re totally flexible – you can write as and when you want. Check out more details at this page here. We realise there are a number of questions regarding this role, including questions we’ve received via email. We’ve put together this page to answer any questions you have. Feel free to post any additional queries you have in the comments below.


Q: What Would My Role Entail?

-It is very simple. When there is some news from your institution, you can write a short article to cover it. If you want to write viral lists, go ahead! Student contributors have the optional extra of running a social media page related to your University. Full information and guidance is provided in the Welcome Canvas we provide every contributor.


Q: Why should I write for UniEel?

We offer a platform for contributors to reach thousands of readers. Being the voice of your University is an excellent opportunity. Writing with UniEel is an easy way to gain experience, something that is crucial in the contemporary job market!


Q: What’s the Application Process?

There isn’t one! Anyone is welcome to contribute to our site. Once we’ve checked your CV, we’ll ask you to send an email from your University email address, which helps us to verify your Student status. You’ll then get a document to set your author preferences. A volunteer agreement will need to be read. As soon as this is done, you’ll be free to write whenever! The whole process shouldn’t take more than a couple hours!


Q: How Do I submit an article?

It couldn’t be simpler. You’ll write on a Microsoft Word Document, or Google Sheets if that is more your thing, and email it to our news-desk. From there, typically the article will be published within an hour.


Q: How Much Freedom Do I Get?

-A lot! You can write about anything related to your institution, at any time. There is no required amount of articles to write, and you are under no obligation to stay an allotted period of time.


Q: How Many Institutions Do You Write For?

-We currently have seventy institutions on our roster. But we are always looking to add more – so feel free to contact us at – we can get the ball rolling in no time.


Q: Is There a Complex Editing Process?

-Not at all! Your article will simply be read through by one member of the editing team, verified, and then published. We aren’t going to send you back improvements to make! Articles often are published within one hour of submission!


Q: Is there any remuneration involved?

-Unfortunately, we are unable to pay our student contributors at this current time. We hope the great benefits we offer can help persuade you to overcome this!


Q: Can I write Anonymously?

-Yes of course! Having your name plastered on every article you write isn’t for everyone, so of course.


Q: Can I include my social media profiles for anything I write?

-Definitely! We encourage our contributors to do so! Your social media links can be provided at the end of each article, you could build up a social media following!


Q: Can a full job reference be provided in the future?

-Certainly! We will always equip our contributors with a full job reference whenever we are asked in the future.


Q: Where Do You Get Your News Tips From?

-Unfortunately, we are unable to divulge such information. We rely on a network of sources, and student’s with hands-on experience at their University. We ensure all sources are reputable before using them. We often provide our contributors with information to help them write articles.


Any further questions? Either contact us directly or post in the comments below!


Like the sound of all of this? Simply send your CV over to and you’ll be set up in no time! 


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