Twitter Reacts To The iPhone X Launch

Apple have launched the iPhone X. After the huge announcement was made in mid-September, Twitter erupted in terms of hilarious reactions. Now, we’re back again, only with us now looking at the reactions to the launch. After many have queued for long hours, consumers are finally getting their hands on the hardware. There has been considerable excitement in the build up to the launch, which is set to generate Apple a healthy profit. So without further ado, here are some of the best reactions to the iPhone X launch!


Apple have added another product to their ever-growing portfolio


The Excitement

For some, it is a day long in the making…


To Buy Or Not To Buy?

Depends on who you ask!




Some Were Ahead of the game!

Clever, very clever.



But You’ll Still Need to Wait…



The Queues Are Huge…

Countless people wanted the phone!



We’re All Waiting…

It just wouldn’t be an iPhone X launch without it…



What do you mean?




Past Meets Present

This Tweet summarises the changes we’ve seen in the past few years



A Great Day for Apple




The Bigger Picture

As this Tweet shows, anyone purchasing the iPhone X needs to remember how fortunate they are.




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