11 Things To Do While At City University London


City University London is located in a prime position in the United Kingdom, and offers an amazing student experience! Your three or four years at this University will fly by – luckily this list can help give you some ideas to help you enjoy your time at the University to the maximum! Being located in London, there is no shortage of things you can do! This list should give you plenty of ideas of things to see and do, ranging from landmarks to parks, to of course the most important activity of them all – graduating! Read on!


1.  Explore London


There isn’t really a better place to begin! London is one of the most stunning cities in the world. Millions of tourists visit each year, showing the attraction it has! There is so much to see, and so many famous landmarks! Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament are obvious places to visit, but consider some of the markets, parks and independent cafés. There is so much to do and see!


2. Utilise the Student’s Union

City University’s Student’s Union is well run and certainly worth engaging in. You could join societies – which is an excellent way of meeting new people and making friends, or take part in any of the activities that are organised. From the Albanian to the Vietnamese society, there should be something for everyone! For anything advice related, consider consulting the SU, or UniEel’s helpful advice page.


3. Enjoy the Nightlife!


While there is no denying the fact that our nightlife is quite expensive compared to other parts of the UK, generally we have a good night scene. Regardless of your taste, there should be something for everyone! Consider venturing further afar, with a huge array of clubs on offer around the capital. Local night spots that are popular with student’s include Nomad and East Bloc, and don’t forget CityBar! If clubbing isn’t your thing, there are plenty of pubs in the vicinity of the University!




4. Learn About Different Cultures

Being based in London, we have a huge range of nationalities at our University. This is a great opportunity to meet people from different countries! This can be both interesting and rewarding. Wherever possible, you could also try their cuisine – you might be pleasantly surprised!



5. Try Out the Sport Facilities

group of woman playing on green field during daytime

City University students have access to a number of sport facilities. The University also has teams in several sports. You should definitely try and find something that interest’s you, or at least try out something new! Ultimate Frisbee anyone?! Or a personal favourite, the surfing society!


6. Go To ‘The Crystal Maze”

This is simply a must for any student located in London. The Crystal Maze is an activity centre set up just like the iconic TV show of the same name. This is an excellent activity to take part in with your friends. It isn’t far from City University as well, and would make a fun day out!




7. HotTug UK


Admittedly, this is probably something we wouldn’t recommend year round! But if you find that rarest of things – a sunny day in the UK, definitely consider this! HotTug is a canal trip in what is essentially a hot tub. The temperature can often reach 38C, unfortunately the cold London air limits its effectiveness in the summer months! Not only does the journey feature great views, but also gives you a great chance to hang out with your friends.


8. Go On ‘The Blood and Tears’ Walk

This is something that is spread around campus like wildfire. This is another great activity to do with friend’s. Funny, scary and interesting all in one – get to see some famous historical places in London where gruesome things have happened! Not for the faint-hearted!


9. Go Shopping!


There is an abundance of places to shop in London! Near the University, there is a wide range of shops, both chain and independents! Covent Garden isn’t far away, and if your budget can afford it – Shoreditch! With such a high multitude of options, fans of shopping will be delighted!




10. Study Hard!

While not as fun as the other areas outlined, it is a crucial element of University! By combining hard work with some of our suggestions, you’ll be able to achieve a great work/life balance which can lead to great results! Your hard work will certainly be worth it!


11. Graduate!


The single most important part of being a student at City – graduate! Make sure at all costs you get to this day! It’ll surely be a proud day, and hopefully one you’ll remember for the rest of your life! Hopefully you can complete some of these activities during your stay at City University, and maybe even more!





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