10 Great Things About Being a Student in Birmingham


Birmingham provides an excellent student experience – three University’s, tens of thousands of students, great landmarks and more! There is certainly something very special about being a student in Birmingham! Spending your student years in Birmingham is a great idea, and this article will show you just some of the reasons why! Be sure to browse around our site for more viral articles and lists! And why not join our network of writers and compose articles like this!


Birmingham is well-known for a number of reasons


1. The Charm of Birmingham

Sure, it might not be full of picturesque sights, but the city still has a certain charm about it! Sometimes the media’s portrayal of Birmingham can be distorted, it actually isn’t that bad. And finding the nice parts aren’t too hard! After the initial transition period, we eventually love it!


2. Student City


The University hosts three great University’s! The University of Birmingham is very well-renowned, Aston University pioneered the work placement, and Birmingham City is great for creative subjects. With colleges present too, this adds up to tens of thousands of students studying here! This is great for the social side of living here, and night’s out and any general activities in the town allow you to meet so many different people in the same position as you! The city features many student flats too, most at reasonable prices!


3. Multicultural City

As a direct result of the above point, there are a diverse range of cultures in Birmingham! This allows you to meet people from many different countries. This is always very interesting!


4. Graduate Prospects


Looking ahead, Birmingham is great for graduate prospects! As mentioned earlier, the city features three strong University’s. There are an abundance of workplaces, meaning that if you want to stay in the city – there is ample opportunity to do so! Many big companies have a presence in Birmingham.





5. O2 Academy

An amazing venue! Many fantastic gigs take place here, including several well-renowned performers. These night’s out always provide great memories! Having such a world class venue so near to us is great!


6. Nightlife

people dancing inside building

As Birmingham is a big city, there are a number of places to spend your evening’s, the nightlife is great! There are a great range of pubs, restaurants and nightclubs. Popular clubs for students include Pryzm and Snobs – highly recommended for any indie-loving student! Whatever your taste, you should be able to find a way of having a great night out!


7. Physical Location


Another great thing is the actual physical location of Birmingham. We are proudly neither North England or South England! Therefore, if you’re planning on travelling around the country, this can easily be achieved. The United Kingdom is full of beautiful locations, and due to the great array of transport links from Birmingham – travel is easy! Train links to London are simple, convenient and quick. Forward travel from there is easy too.




8. Transport

Following on from the above point, Birmingham has a fantastic transport system. There are excellent train links, while buses are especially useful for student’s travelling to campus. The metro system too has its advantages. With the development of Birmingham New Street finishing recently, there are some fantastic facilities. We can easily get around Birmingham courtesy of the transport system!


9. Eating Out


This is something that Birmingham specialises in! There is so much choice for eating out – whatever your taste! There are a multitude of cuisines to choose from. Whether you like chain restaurants, independent’s or cafés, there is plenty on offer. And for those late night walks back from the club – there are several takeaways to choose from!


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10. The Bull Ring

Finally, the Bull Ring offers an amazing shopping experience! There are over 150 stores here, meaning if shopping is your thing – then you really are in paradise. Located in a very convenient part of Birmingham too, the Bull Ring really does offer a lot! And with Christmas not too far away, it could become our best friend.





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