10 Things To Do While At Aberystwyth University

Aberystwyth University offers a great student experience, with its remote setting and picturesque sights always proving popular with students. Whether you’re an Undergraduate, Postgraduate or a visiting student, this is a great University to visit. While the time unfortunately will fly by, this list of different things you should do while at Aberystwyth should give you some inspiration – something we all need in the cold winter months! Aberystwyth offers a lot for students. This list ranges from things such as landmarks to see, places to travel, and most importantly, graduation! Read on!



There is plenty to do aside from the library!



1.  Explore Wales!


Wales is a very pretty country with many attractive views. It is easy to get to the two main cities of Cardiff and Swansea. While other areas are popular, such as Bangor, Newport and areas of the Brecon Beacons – some stunning sights are here, just make sure you don’t set foot on the military land! Even if you just take day trip’s to these cities and locations, it is well worth doing, you’ll see more of this great country!


2. Utilise the Student’s Union

Aberystwyth University’s Student’s Union is well worth engaging with. There are many societies on offer – joining some will help you make friends, while society events can be fun! There are regular events at the SU, such as quiz nights, while mental health is also taken very seriously – something highly important.


3. Enjoy the Nightlife!


Despite the remote location, Aberystwyth features a great nightlife! Whatever your taste – there will be something for everyone, whether pubs or nightclubs. Popular locations include the Libertine Cocktail Bar, Bar 46 and Cooper’s Arms. There is a rumour (unfortunately false) that there are more pubs than people in Aberystwyth. While this is untrue, there is no shortage of choice!


4. Learn About Different Cultures

Aberystwyth University hosts student’s from an array of nations. This is something well worth taking advantage of. Getting to know people from other countries is always interesting, and it could be recommended that you try their cuisine – you could find something new you like!

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5. Try Out the Sport Facilities


Aberystwyth University features impressive sport facilities – something well worth taking advantage of. While competing for the University isn’t for everyone, there is nothing wrong with going to try out a new sport.


6. Visit the Seafront

While this is something most people will do regularly, it isn’t something you could get tired of! Given the location of our University, it is easy to march down to the seafront. It is picturesque, peaceful, and especially in the summer becomes hugely popular!


7. Bwlch Nant Arian Forest Visitor Centre

Located a few miles outside of Aberystwyth, this visitor centre is free to enter and features several amazing sights! There are wonderful walks to go on, and if you are driving, parking is cheap too! One of the highlights is seeing Wales’ biggest bird of prey – the Red Kite, feeding. Depending on the time of year, visitors will often see up to dozens of kites at once – which can be a stunning sight! Even if birds of prey aren’t your thing, the nice walks in the visitor centre are well worth doing.



8. Aberystwyth Castle

One of the historic landmarks of Aberystwyth is the castle. While the hill to get to the castle can be a bit daunting, it is well worth visiting! It is located on the seafront, and the ruins can be interesting to see! This is certainly one of the most well-known areas of Aberystwyth, and is therefore well worth visiting!



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9. Study Hard!

While this isn’t as fun as most of the suggestions in this article – this is still a crucial element of University! However, what is most important is to get a good work/life balance. By doing this, you’ll be able to harness your mind’s full capabilities – ending in great results! With the University boasting strong graduate prospects, your hard work can certainly pay off!


10. Graduate!


The single most important part of being a student at Aberystwyth – graduation! Make sure you get to this day. It’ll be a proud day for you, potentially one you’ll remember for the rest of your life. Hopefully you can complete many of these things in your stay at  the University! Consider joining me and writing about this great University, details can be found at the link below!




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