10 Things To Do While At London School of Economics!


Not only is the London School of Economics (LSE) one of the most respected institutions in the world, but it also offers a fantastic student experience. The University is based in London – making it the perfect location for your student years! Whether you’re an Undergraduate, Postgraduate or a visiting student, you will have a great experience. The time unfortunately will fly by, but this great list of different things you should do while at LSE is sure to give you some inspiration. London is an amazing city to be a student in, it offers us so much! This list ranges from things such as landmarks to see, places to travel, and most importantly, graduation! Read on!


There is plenty to do aside from the library!


1.  Explore London!


London, simply put, is one of the greatest cities in the world! The abundance of tourists that visit shows what a special place it is! There is so much to see, from popular spots such as the London Eye and Big Ben, to the lesser-known markets and parks. There are several hidden gems too! There are excellent transport links, meaning you can easily get around! Even if you just take a day trip, it is well worth exploring the great city!


2. Utilise the Student’s Union

LSE’s Student’s Union is well worth engaging with. There are countless societies to get involved with! Societies provide fun events to attend – and is an excellent way of making new friends. The SU also does a lot of good for the students – such as campaigns revolving around the importance of consent and accountability. There are several events provided too, while help is on hand for any advice-related issues.


3. Enjoy the Nightlife!


While London is an expensive city for nightlife, it is also unrivalled! LSE’s location means it is easy to get to any nightspot in London. This means there will be something for everyone – whether nightclubs, pubs or bars are your thing! It is well-worth taking some time out from your busy schedule in the evenings!




4. Learn About Different Cultures

LSE features a huge international community! This is great, as it gives student’s a great chance to learn about different cultures. As London too is a highly-multicultural city, it is easy to find fellow nationals from your country! Getting to know student’s from other countries is always an interesting experience – and certainly recommended. Wherever possible, you could also try their cuisine – you might be pleasantly surprised!



5. Try Out the Sport Facilities


LSE has world-class sporting facilities – and as a student here, you should take advantage of them! Whether you are a serious sportsman/woman hoping to compete for the University, or a novice, it is worth trying! Remember to try out a new sport! It is well worth joining the society of any sport that you like!


6. Attend a Public Lecture

Okay, so this might not sound too fun after having to sit through hours of lecture’s each week… but LSE provides world-class lectures to the public on a regular basis. Many interesting topics are covered, while often famous academics or respected researchers will take the public lecture!




7. Visit Theatres!

There are many theatres in the area surrounding LSE! The Novello, Peacock and the Aldwych theatres are all popular, and produce impressive shows! While some performances can be expensive, many will be cheaper – this can be a good break from your heavy workload. building alone should be enough to make you want to visit! The stunning Grade II listed building features several arts and crafts exhibitions year-round, and features a great mix of both classic and contemporary art. If you are into Art, this is a must-visit – plus you can visit multiple times in a year and get something new each time!


8. Visit Other Parts of the UK!


London has a great transport system, which extends outside of the city! England is a country with some incredible cities. Train journeys to Brighton, Bristol, Reading and Cambridge can be recommended. Oxford too can easily be reached! This is a great opportunity to get the full experience of living in the UK!




9. Study Hard!

While this isn’t as fun as most of the suggestions in this article – this is still a critical element of University! However, what is most important is to get a good work/life balance. By doing this, you’ll be able to harness your mind’s full capabilities – ending in great results! With the University boasting strong graduate prospects, your hard work can certainly pay off!


10. Graduate!


The single most important part of being a student at LSE – graduate! This is where all your hard work will come to fruition. Make sure you get to this day. It’ll be a proud day for you, potentially one you’ll remember for the rest of your life. Hopefully you can complete many of these things in your stay at LSE, and maybe even more! Consider joining me and writing about this great University, details can be found at the link below!



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