ArsenalFanTV: How Much Money Does It Make?

ArsenalFanTV has become something of an internet sensation in recent years. Predominantly a YouTube channel, ArsenalFanTv focuses on analysing the matches of Arsenal FC – an association football club in England. The channel was set up by Robbie Lyle in 2012. Many years on ArsenalFanTV has become essential post-match viewing. Lyle interviews a range of Arsenal fans after matches, with well-known supporters including ‘Troopz’, ‘Ty’, ‘Claude’ and ‘DT’. With Arsenal FC renowned for providing their fans with little to cheer about, ArsenalFanTV has become a phenomenon – attracting huge interest. As a result, many have speculated how much money is made. While there is no official data, certain statistics help build up a rough estimate of the amount.


Football can be a cruel game at times!


To begin with, YouTube adverts are ran by the Google-owned AdSense. There is no ‘set’ amount of how much advertisers pay. Advertising is a volatile market that fluctuates constantly. The rate of pay depends on areas such as audience engagement (e.g. amount of ad skipping), location of viewers and viewer demographic. Online marketing sites have struggled to identify the exact amount, however a figure of around $1-10 per 1,000 impressions appears most reliable.




Moreover, AdSense take a 32% share of the advertisers fees. Given the success of ArsenalFanTV, we’ll look in terms of millions of views. We’ve taken a fee of $3 per 1,000 views. This is based around the areas identified above. This works out at $3,000 dollars per one million views. However, this amount will lower due to ad blocker software, and ad skips. Plus, not every video features an ad. So we will bring this down to a UK amount of around £800 per million views. Next up, we can apply this to ArsenalFanTV.




ArsenalFanTV has almost 600k subscribers. Yet a quick sample of its videos reveals that on average, the channel brings in 1.2M views per week. This takes into account the summer months when there is less football. This again is difficult to predict. Some videos, especially when Arsenal lose, generate many more viewers. Some famous rants, and videos featuring the main supporters have entered folklore, helping to generate hundreds of thousands of views. So we have £800 per one million views from above. This works out at an income of £920 per week on average. This totals out at £47,840 per year. This figure, with viewers appearing to rise, will increase in the months to come. But note that this is purely for the YouTube channel!


Arsenal have been struggling for success in recent years, unlike some…


ArsenalFanTV have expanded into multiple areas. While the YouTube channel is the main revenue stream, there are other areas. Their website has become a hub for all things Arsenal-related. The advert features several links to outside websites – which will provide a healthy income. Moreover, the website features many general adverts, which again will be a source of income. While no data is available based on the website’s viewers, it can be assumed it is a profitable amount. ArsenalFanTV, as we see at the start of each video, is ‘backed for the season’ by Ladbrokes. This sort of sponsorship deal would normally be worth at least five digits. Other areas, such as endorsements e.g. for the ‘Ultimate Football Fan’ website, and their ArsenalFanTV shop, act as other revenue streams. All of this will add up nicely.




To get a thorough picture, it is important to include the out-going costs. While the video production is basic, it still costs money to film – e.g. the cameraman (a friend of founder Robbie Lyle). There is no data available on whether or not ArsenalFanTV pays its main band of supporters e.g. Claude and Ty, although DT in the past have appeared to indirectly reveal that they are paid for their views. This again will be a cost for ArsenalFanTV. Then, as with any venture, there are general day-to-day costs.




So, having analysed the important areas, we are able to come up with a ballpark figure for ArsenalFanTV. It is important to state again, that this is difficult to calculate, due to fluctuating advertising fees, opaque information, and rising viewing numbers (the numbers used here won’t be valid for long). It is fair to assume given the information provided, that ArsenalFanTV has a yearly income of at least £100,000, but dependent on the scale of the areas other than videos, it could generate anywhere up to around £500,000 per year. This is a staggering achievement, and given the nature of Arsenal FC, ArsenalFanTV is likely to become more popular, and therefore more fruitful in terms of income too in the coming months and years! Ever wondered if you were in the wrong job?!






Click here to visit ArsenalFanTV’s YouTube Channel. They are also on Facebook.
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