UniEel Experiencing: Lithuania

Lithuania is a picturesque country located in Eastern-Europe. The nation features a stunning landscape of hills, forests and lakes. Lithuania shares borders with a number of countries such as Latvia, Belarus, Poland and Russia. Catholic Christianity forms the main religion in Lithuania. The climate resembles that of many Baltic nations – with cold winters and warm summers. The population of Lithuania is approximately 2,800,000. There is a lot to see and do in this country. Overall, Lithuania is a nation well worth visiting, helping to form this edition of ‘UniEel Experiencing’.





Nation: Lithuania
Continent: Europe
Capital: Vilnius
Land Mass: 25,200 square miles
Population: 2,800,000
Religion: Catholic Christianity
Language: Lithuanian
Currency: Euro


Lithuania has an interesting history. Several Baltic tribes inhabited Lithuania for hundreds of years. In 1253, the Kingdom of Lithuania was formally created. At one point in the 14th century, Lithuania was the biggest country in Europe, having comprised modern-day Lithuania, along with parts of countries now known as Belarus, Russia and Ukraine! In the 1500s, Lithuania and Poland formed a two-union state. This lasted until the 1700s, which also saw Russia annexing several parts of Lithuania. Lithuania as we know it now was founded in 1918, with an act of independence being signed. Lithuania was taken over by the Soviet Union in World War II, then by Nazi Germany, and then by the Soviet Union again. Lithuania has the distinction of being the first Soviet republic to declare independence, which happened in 1990. Lithuania is now a member of NATO and the EU. Lithuania, known for its incredible landscape, attracts several tourists year-on-year.


Things to Do and See:
Lithuania features many attractive landmarks. The very nature of the country makes it easy to enjoy. It is very green, and its several hills ensure picturesque views around the country! The capital city Vilnius is full of impressive sights, including world-class architecture. The Vilnius ‘Old Town’ section is very interesting, and offers a view of traditional Lithuania. Klaipeda is popular with tourists, and typically offers the best year-round weather. The Lithuanian Art Museum hosts a huge range of art, both historical and contemporary. The Hill of Crosses is a particularly poignant site to visit, while the Curonian Spit national park is well worth visiting. Finally, the Aukstaitija National Park features stunning sights, including dense forests.


Lithuania is a beautiful location to visit. As shown in this article, Lithuania certainly is an interesting country. This short guide should provide you with key information regarding Lithuania, complete with ideas of things to do. Look out for more countries being analysed in our ‘Experiencing’ series. For more information on Lithuania, consult the UK’s Travel Advice for Lithuania at this link. Happy travelling!




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