Revealed: How Much Did Portsmouth Uni Students Spend on Library Fines?


Figures obtained by UniEel have shown that Portsmouth University students spent a respectable amount on library fines in the 2016-17 academic year. Students spent a total of £11,241.94. While this figure may sound high, it is actually one of the lowest amounts seen at British University’s. To put this figure into perspective, this equates to a spend of approximately £0.51 per student. This figure purely relates to overdue items too – other fines such as those related to lost/damaged resources, haven’t been included.


The University library is a building frequented by students


This amount will still come as a disappointment for students. While Portsmouth does offer a superb student experience, this additional cost can be frustrating! It should also be noted the University library makes a substantial profit on areas such as printing – something that isn’t included in tuition fees, unexpectedly.




Students are urged to return items before their due date, which can help to lower the figure witnessed for the 2016-2017 academic year. Saving money while at University is of imperative importance for many – therefore returning books before their due date is important.






It is worth reminding again that this figure didn’t take into account other costs, mentioned earlier, like lost or damaged resources. All this after student’s pay £9,000 a year. While it can be both annoying and unfair when someone doesn’t return their book in time, it could be argued a lower fine is fairer on students. This figure could prompt discussion regarding the fairness of library fines. At least our library won’t be going anywhere anytime soon…





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