Weekly Bulletin: Mon 20 Nov 2017

Welcome to the Weekly Bulletin of News for Monday 20th November 2017. Here is a brief summary of the news emanating from the world in the past week.



  • The last week has seen considerable political unrest in Zimbabwe. The National Army of Zimbabwe seized control of the nation, with current Presidential incumbent Robert Mugabe placed under house arrest. Mugabe has garnered much controversy over his rule, and at 93, is the oldest President in the world. Mugabe, in a televised address, refused to resign, with many suggesting he reneged on a deal to do so. The story is set to continue.



  • Notorious cult leader Charles Manson has died. Manson’s ‘followers’ were directed by him to kill several people during the 1960s. Manson has spent almost fifty years in prison. He died by natural causes.
  • Jana Novotna, the Czech Tennis player and former grand slam winner, has died at the age of just 49. This followed a long battle with cancer. Novotna was an immensely popular player who secured admiration by many for her 1998 victory at the Wimbledon Championships, despite two earlier final defeats.
  • Talks in Germany regarding a coalition government continue to be slow. Angela Merkel – who is the current Chancellor, is looking to form the coalition government after this year’s election failed to give her an absolute majority.



  • The past week has seen the British media play close attention to a case revolving around a disappearance. Gaia Pope, a teenager from the county of Dorset, went missing a few days ago. Unfortunately, a body, believed to be that of Ms. Pope, has been found. Three people were charged in relation to the case, but all have subsequently been cleared.
  • Talks over Brexit continue.
  • The planets of Saturn and Mercury are set to be visible in the forthcoming week, exciting many. Just over a week ago, Venus and Jupiter were visible in many parts of the United Kingdom. This surreal sight was caught on camera, check out the best images here!



  • A damning report by consumer group Which? has found that the annual ‘Black Friday’ sale isn’t quite as it seems, with several ‘reduced’ items actually cheaper on other days of the year. They suggest up to 60% of items fall into this category.
  • There have been new calls for a re-think of the ‘gig economy’. Several high-profile firms in the United Kingdom e.g. Uber recognise their workers as ‘self-employed’, meaning they are denied normal employee benefits. In many cases, employees therefore don’t receive the national minimum wage.



  • As mentioned earlier, talks over Brexit continue.



  • According to various reports, Uber are set to purchase thousands of self-driving Volvo’s. This fleet could lead to the advent of a society powered by self-driving cars.






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From the team at UniEel, good luck for the week ahead.




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