Netflix Reveals Its Christmas Film Line-Up!

One of the highlights of the festive season for many is having a cosy night-in watching Christmas films. Down the years there have several classic films revolving around the Christmas period. Fortunately for film fans, Netflix will be providing several of the most well-known Christmas films. Let’s just get this one out of the way – Elf won’t be on Netflix, having been snapped up by Amazon video – one of the several benefits of Amazon! However, the list is still impressive, spearheaded of course by the ultimate Christmas film – Miracle on 34th Street! Read on for more!


Netflix have delivered once again!


As we mentioned above, Miracle on 34th Street is on Netflix and ready for viewing. This ultimate Christmas classic features the story of Richard Attenborough’s Kris Kringle, who is helped by Mara Wilson’s Susan Walker, as they bid to prove Kris Kringle is the real Santa Claus. This film is a favourite of many. ‘Deck the Halls’, ‘A Christmas Horror Story’ and ‘Santa Claws’ are other Christmas-themed films that are already available for viewing on Netflix.


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Another firm favourite of many is ‘Love Actually’. Netflix has confirmed that it will be hosting this film, from December 14. This leaves you with plenty of time to watch before the big day – helping you get into the festive spirit. ‘Krampus’ will be available on Christmas Day itself, while others that will be available in the build-up to Christmas Day include ‘Christmas Inheritance’, ‘Miss Me This Christmas’ and ‘Holiday Joy’. Of course, the fan favourite ‘Home Alone’ will also be available for the festive season!


It is worth remembering too that there are several Christmas-themed episodes of TV shows that are available on Netflix. Just some of the many include Blackadder’s Christmas Carol, and Outnumbered’s 2009 and 2011 special Christmas editions. Gavin and Stacey – the popular sitcom about two families in Essex and Barry, also have their popular Christmas special currently on the streaming service. As you see, there is certainly no shortage of choice!


With the Christmas season quickly approaching, this announcement is likely to excite film fans. As seen in this article, there will be considerable choice available for film fans! Remember to Like us on Facebook and Follow us on Twitter for more!




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