11 Things To Do While At Lincoln University


Lincoln University offers a great student experience – and there is plenty to do here.  The city of Lincoln offers the perfect backdrop for University, and is an excellent place to spend your student years! Whether you’re an Undergraduate, Postgraduate or even just a visiting student, you will have a great experience. The time unfortunately will fly by, but this great list of different things you should do while at Lincoln Uni is sure to give you some inspiration. This list ranges from things such as landmarks to see, places to travel, and most importantly, graduation! Read on!


There is plenty to do aside from the library!


1.  Explore The City Of Lincoln!


While many won’t lose sleep over the fact they’ve never been to Lincoln, while you are here – you should make the most of it! There is actually a lot to see and do in the city. Lincoln Cathedral, Lincoln Castle and the various green spaces in the city are all worth visiting – Lincoln has a great culture! There are several hidden gems, and always something to do!


2. Utilise the Student’s Union

Lincoln’s Student’s Union is well worth engaging with. There are several societies to get involved with! Societies provide fun events to attend – and is an excellent way of making new friends. The SU also runs regular campaigns to support students, which is great. There are several events provided too, while help is on hand for any advice-related issues.


3. Enjoy the Nightlife!


Lincoln has a great nightlife! The town centre isn’t far away for students, and there is a great choice – whether bars, pubs or nightclubs is your thing! It is well-worth taking some time out from your busy schedule in the evenings! Some student favourites to try out include Home Lincoln, Walkabout, and even the SU bar!


4. Learn About Different Cultures

Lincoln hosts students from a broad range of nations. This is something well worth taking advantage of! You can easily learn about different cultures! Getting to know student’s from other countries is always an interesting experience – and certainly recommended. Wherever possible, you could also try their cuisine – you might be pleasantly surprised!





5. Try Out the Sport Facilities


The University boasts great sporting facilities – and as a student here, you should take advantage of them! Whether you are a serious sportsman/woman hoping to compete for the University, or a novice, it is worth trying! Remember to try out a new sport! It is well worth too joining the society of any sport that you like!


6. Go to Lincoln Cathedral

Lincoln Cathedral is open for public viewing, and is somewhere you simply must visit! The Cathedral was once the tallest man-made structure in the world. Inside it is a stunning building – a testament to the standard of architecture when it was built hundreds of years ago.


7. See the Magna Carta!

Not to be outdone by the Cathedral, close by is Lincoln Castle. The Castle is simply stunning from whatever angle you see it at! As if the building and history wasn’t enough, inside something very special is located! A copy of the original Magna Carta – a document signed in 1215 which continues to impact the contemporary age – is displayed at Lincoln Castle – one of just four remaining copies. This makes it hugely popular with tourist’s, and is one of the best things about Lincoln!




8. Go to ‘The Collection’

The Collection is one of the best places to visit in Lincoln. In just one visitor centre you’ll find both Lincoln’s Archaeology museum and the Usher Gallery. The Archaeology museum features some impressive sights, while the Usher Gallery features a great mix of contemporary and classic art. There is even a great cafe on site! For an afternoon off, this is certainly a place to visit!€


9. Visit Other Parts of the UK!


The United Kingdom features some incredible cities. Sheffield is near to Lincoln, while day trips to Manchester, Liverpool and arguably even Leeds are possible. Lincoln features a great transport system, which allows you to get around easily. For a longer weekend, consider venturing into London – and perhaps even further travel to the likes of Brighton and Reading. There is much to explore!




10. Study Hard!

While this isn’t as fun as most of the suggestions in this article – this is still a critical element of University! However, what is most important is to get a good work/life balance. By doing this, you’ll be able to harness your mind’s full capabilities – ending in great results! With the University boasting good graduate prospects, your hard work can certainly pay off!


11. Graduate!


The single most important part of being a student at Lincoln – graduate! This is where all your hard work will be worth it. Make sure you get to this day. It’ll be a proud day for you, potentially one you’ll remember for the rest of your life. Hopefully you will be able to complete many of these things in your stay at Lincoln University, and perhaps even more! Consider joining me and writing about this great University, details can be found below!





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