Oxford Graduate Set To Sue University For £1M


While a 2:1 from the University of Oxford may appeal to many, for one man it simply won’t do, to the extent that he is set to sue the University for £1M in damages. Faiz Siddiqui graduated from the University in 2000, but blames a combination of reasons for the fact he ‘only’ achieved a 2:1, which subsequently cost him a lucrative legal career following his studies.


Mr. Siddiqui proposes teaching was ‘inadequate’


Siddiqui studied Modern History, graduating seventeen years ago. He has suggested ‘inadequate’ teaching on the course led to this result. Germane medical information too wasn’t passed on to examiners, Mr. Siddiqui also proposes.




Siddiqui was subsequently unable to pursue his dream of a postgraduate qualification at an Ivy League University. Siddiqui’s barrister suggested his employment history was ‘frankly poor’. Siddiqui suffers from both insomnia and clinical depression, which have been affected by this case.


The University of Oxford




As for the response of the University of Oxford, they have suggested the case is coming too late, given that seventeen years have passed, questioning whether or not this fits in with the legal time limit. The University’s court representative suggested that Siddiqui received the same treatment that he would’ve done had he studied at Oxford in any other year. The hearing will last seven days, with the potential for damages depending on the outcome of the hearing – which initially focuses on liability.





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