People Reveal The RUDEST Things Said To Them At A Family Event

As the holiday’s grow ever closer, families will meet up regularly together. However, as many know only too well, these family get-together’s don’t always run smoothly. For some, family events are the source of dread. Having read some horror stories, it isn’t hard to see why! Now, some people have taken to the popular confessions app Whisper to reveal all. As this article will show, some people simply don’t hold back when it comes to telling it how it is – even to their fellow family members. Perhaps blood isn’t thicker than water! Take a look!


Family events don’t always go according to plan!


Some had to contend with tirades from aunt’s. Aunt’s are renowned for being difficult to deal with, and form the difficult boundary between ‘proper’ family and those on the outer reaches. One person was asked by their aunt why she always turned up to family events with different men. This of course, by the girl’s admission, led to an awkward conversation with her current partner. Another aunt, upon hearing how one family member was taking a gap year, said that she ‘knew’ that they would be the family drop out to his face. Harsh!




Other tales featured other family members. One man told how he once took some Xanax to calm down ahead of a family gathering. When he got to said gathering, his daughter told the entire congregation about his behaviour! One person had the misfortune of being told by her Grandmother that she reminded her of a prostitute! Another told of how he listened to his cousins debate which animal he looked more like… a rat or an alligator. Either way, clearly not the sort of cousins you would want!


One of the hallmarks of a family meeting is how often you won’t have seen some members of your family for some time. One person told how this was the case for her – and after putting on weight, her family lauded her for being pregnant! Mothers can also be rude at these events. One Mum told the entire family about their child losing their virginity, while another told her daughter to introduce her girlfriend as a ‘family friend’, get with the times! These must have been awkward confrontations!



Saving the worst until last, having turned down someone’s marriage proposal, one patron told of how she was asked to leave the family party immediately. At least she didn’t change her mind at the altar, as some people do! As these stories show, there are many disadvantages to a family gathering! Count yourself as fortunate if these sort of events don’t happen to you! For the majority of us however, this is a normal occurrence. Families eh, you can’t live with them, can’t live without them!




For the full article, with additional confessions, click here. Whisper’s website is full of interesting confession articles, click here to visit their homepage.


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