Academic Barred From KCL After Controversial Comments


Students at King’s College London (KCL) have barred an academic from a planned appearance and talk following controversial comments regarding transgender issues. Doctor Heather Brunskell-Evans was set to speak at KCL regarding the dangers of pornography. Yet, her comments emanating from a radio show led to her being barred from appearing at the University.


Comments on a radio show seems to have led to the decision


Dr. Brunskell-Evans was speaking on a radio show, when she suggested adults could self-define, while children shouldn’t. The theme of the radio show was based around transgender issues in society. Transgender issues have been fervently discussed in the media in recent times. While some could argue this was freedom of speech in action, some didn’t see it this way.




After complaints, including objections  from members of the Women’s Equality Party, the decision was made to not allow Dr. Brunskell-Evans to speak at the University. This comes despite the fact Dr. Brunskell-Evans is actually the spokesperson for the Women’s Equality Party.


King’s College London




The King’s College Student’s Union suggested her comments could have violated their campaign on safe-space. As a result, Dr. Brunskell-Evans won’t be speaking at the University. This is another case of where the student voice has an impact, with a similar case developing recently at the University of Hertfordshire.





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