Newcastle University Officially Number One In the UK For Student Experience!


As if we didn’t know already – but Newcastle University has officially been crowned number one in the United Kingdom for student experience! University Compare has released its rankings for 2017 based on student experience. Their rankings took into account 100 University’s across the United Kingdom, and our beloved Newcastle came out on top. This is the latest feather in the cap for the University!


The student experience at Newcastle is fantastic!


The University is great for so many reasons! The city of Newcastle provides the perfect setting for student’s, while there are literally thousands of us – it is a great city to live in! Living costs are respectable compared to other parts of the United Kingdom, which in an age of trying to save money wherever possible, is really crucial! There are an abundance of retail outlets near to the University, it really is so convenient! Then there is the nightlife – there is something here for everyone. These are all reasons why Newcastle has been ranked so highly for student experience!




Newcastle came home first, ahead of Nottingham Trent University and Loughborough University, which completed the top three. Newcastle was the only North-Eastern University to rank in the top ten. The University of Leeds, University of Liverpool and Aston University were among the other institutions to make up the top ten. 100 University’s were ranked, with Falmouth University ranked last.


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This latest academic year is underway, with the University continuing to succeed. As one of the most prestigious institutions in the United Kingdom, we really can be proud to study here! Let’s hope for another great year, which will mean we will continue to rank highly in the various league tables. So it is official – Newcastle University is number one for student experience!





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