10 Great Things About Being a Student in London

The years spent as a student often contribute towards the happiest years of your life. Regardless of where you study, you get a level of freedom you won’t get at any other stage in life. Moreover, you can enrich yourself by taking part in a range of events, whether sporting or social. And yet, the student life in London presents several more benefits than anywhere else. London offers one of the best student experiences in the world, and here are some of the reasons why!


London hosts several well-known landmarks


1. International Culture

It doesn’t matter where you come from, you will always be able to find someone else from your country in London! London truly is an international city. The University’s in London commonly have the most international students. Therefore, you will be able to learn about different cultures, get to know many different people and learn new things.


2. Food

Because of the above, London becomes an incredible place for food! It doesn’t matter what your taste is, there will be something for you! Food from every corner of the world is available. And because of the size of London as well, there is considerable choice for you to choose from!


London features several different food locations!


3. Transport

The London public transport system is one of the most advanced in the world. You can easily get from one part of London to the other easily. Better yet, the many landmarks in the city all have simple transport links to them. Trains, the famous tube, buses, the iconic black taxi and more are available. Even better, if walking is your thing, you can easily walk around!




4. Oyster Card

Worried about costs? Well don’t! Students get 30% off oyster cards – check out this link! The Oyster card allows you to access the majority of transport services in London – buses, tubes and the Overground are examples. Because of the discount, it means transport around London can actually work out much cheaper than other parts of the UK!


5. Things to Do and See

While the United Kingdom in general has many, many tourist attractions, London hosts many of the best-known sights and landmarks in the world. Big Ben, The Coca-Cola London Eye and the Houses of Parliament are just some of the incredible sights. The many markets in London e.g. Camden and Borough also fall into the must-see category! Thanks to the transport links discussed above, getting to and from these sights becomes easy!




6. Architecture

You can’t help but admire the range of buildings seen in London. Some are old, some are new, there is a remarkable mix! Of course, the City of London features some stunning designs – while hosting some of the most well-renowned businesses in the world.


7. Job Opportunities

Thanks to the size of London, and the before-mentioned companies that operate, there are ample job opportunities. Whether this is a part-time position to help while you study at University, or if you are thinking long-term for after your studies – there is something for everyone. These workplaces will be full of nationalities – meaning it will present another chance for you to learn about yet more cultures!




8. Free Entry to Landmarks

While some landmarks in London charge, there are many tourist attractions that provide free entry. Museums such as the British Museum, National History Museum and Science Museum all offer free admission. For art fans, the Tate Modern and National Portrait Gallery also provide free entry. Where else would you get such an incredible choice!


9. Music Scene

With several world-renowned venues e.g. Hyde Park and the o2 Arena, the music scene in London is among the best in the world. Many well-known artists perform. With the UK hosting several festivals, it can be easy to get to these.


London hosts a fantastic music scene




10. The ‘Buzz’

London is a city like no other. As this article has shown, there are several benefits to being a student here! It is a special place. Those that visit sense the ‘buzz’! One final area, given the actual location of London, it can be easy to visit other places in the UK e.g. Brighton or Cambridge. Overall, London can provide you with some happy and fun years!





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