Prepare Yourself: An Ice Rink Is On Its Way To Leicester!


In news which will be rejoiced by students city-wide in Leicester, the city’s first ice rink is on its way for the Christmas season. The ice rink offers the perfect opportunity for students from both De Montfort University and the University of Leicester to unwind at the end of term. The ice rink will be located on Jubilee Square, and is set for a December 9 opening – leaving everyone in anticipation ahead of the opening!


The festive season is almost upon us!


Work is underway on the construction of the ice rink, which is set to cost the Leicester City Council £160,000 – though the investment should pay off! Something that is very impressive – is that the ice rink will be built with authentic ice, as opposed to the industry standard – synthetic glice. This will be sure to give patrons a festive feeling, while creating a warm atmosphere for all those that visit. As mentioned, the ice rink will be located on Jubilee Square, near the ever-popular Big Wheel.




As for opening times – the rink will open from Saturday 9th December to Friday 8th January. It will open every day – including weekends, apart from Christmas Day itself. The rink will open from 11am. The rink charges £8 for adults and £6.50 for children between the off-peak 11am-4pm time period. For peak times, entry for adults is £9, with children entering for £7.50. These prices can be discounted for group-booking, which could be advised.


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So it is an exciting time for Leicester students, and the wider community! While you may fear that inclement weather such as snow or heavy rain might disrupt the fun, fear not, the rink will be under a roof! There are two ways of booking tickets – either follow this link to the De Montfort Hall website, or visit the Leicester Information Centre, located in Gallowtree Gate. Make sure you work hard these last few weeks of term, and then enjoy the ice rink!





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