The 7 Biggest X Factor Contestant Transformations

As the X Factor continues to entertain many, we take a look back at seven huge transformations that some of the contestants have had. Down the years, fans of the show have been treated to an unbelievable mix of contestants, ranging from the good, to the bad, to the down-right ugly. While some have gone on to great things, others struggled to stay in the limelight. Others disappeared from the public eye, only to re-emerge. Some, as we’ll see, have totally changed since they graced our screens! Here, we take a look at seven transformations!


7. Jahmene Douglas


Jahmene finished runner up to James Arthur in 2012. Since his appearance on the show, he has successfully been producing music, with his latest album being released last year. As seen in the pictures – he has changed his look too!


6. Olly Murs


An impressive performer from the 2009 series – Olly Murs has gone on to be one of the most successful stars in the show’s history. He has released numerous albums, with several singles that have made the charts too. As seen in the images above, not only has his career transformed, but his look has too!



5. Monica Michael


While Monica appeared in two X Factor series, it was her 2015 run for which she is best known. She was eventually knocked out during the live shows. Yet she shocked many with an appearance on ITV’s ‘This Morning’, where she unveiled a new look – helped by a five-stone weight loss – completing an impressive look and transformation!




4. Craig Colton


Craig Colton was both a favourite with the fans and judges alike back in 2011. Having previously worked in a biscuit factory, he was one of the most memorable acts from the 2011 series. He has shed considerable weight since then, and even got rid of the bowl cut! As the new image shows, he appears to still going strong.


3. Joe McElderry


Joe McElderry won in 2009, though he famously missed out on the Christmas Number One following a national campaign. After bursting onto the scene as an 18-year old winner, the following years proved to be a little bit more rough. He appeared on ‘Lorraine’ in 2015. Since his appearance, where he appeared to have gained weight, he has subsequently lost substantial weight – he now closely resembles his 2009 look. His victory in 2009 and recent weight losses have inspired many.


2. One Direction


From five solo singers to a worldwide juggernaut – it was inevitable that One Direction would make this list. While they unbelievably didn’t win the 2010 version of the show, they went on to be arguably the most successful act in X Factor history. As seen in the contrast of the two images, the group all grew up! While the band have since split up, their legacy is certainly assured.




1. Chloe Khan


Without doubt the biggest transformation of them all – Chloe Khan. Chloe Mafia, as she was known back in 2010, struggled in the show. Yet since then she has completely changed – including the new name. She has underwent a lot of plastic surgery – which has resulted in a completely different look. Surgeries have included a nose job, an operation on her waist, and even work on her bum. She is well known too for her enormous 32HH breasts. She has transformed her life – inspiring many with her dealings as a businesswoman. This includes an impressive webcam-based business. Without doubt, she has turned out to be the biggest transformation!





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