The University Of Southampton’s VC Was Paid £424k Last Year


Following the much publicised University of Bath vice-chancellor pay case (which drew some strong reactions!), further controversy seems imminent after revelations regarding the vice-chancellor at the University of Southampton were made. Accounts recently released have shown that vice-chancellor Sir Christopher Snowden was paid a remarkable £424,000 last year. This isn’t far behind the amount seen at Bath, which led to ‘Glexit’ – the ousting of the vice-chancellor. It will be interesting to see the reaction of Southampton students to this.


This controversy affects the University of Southampton

The University responded by saying that Snowden was paid his regular salary, along with the National Higher Education pay award – amounting to just over a 1% benefit – allowing his total pay package to rise to well above £400,000. While this is bad enough, Snowden’s decision to axe 75 jobs at the University over fears of financial problems looks farcical now.




Snowden had already come in for criticism following his decision with the jobs, and now this latest revelation is likely to cause further problems to his reputation. As we see here, Twitter hasn’t reacted too positively, with some suggestions he could follow the lead from the University of Bath’s vice-chancellor and depart…







As alluded to above, Snowden had his Wikipedia page adjusted too – see our article here, showing the discontent felt by students. As the cost of living and education continue to rise, it can be a blow for student’s to witness such unbelievable pay packages being handed out to vice-chancellors. Whether or not this case will follow the example set by Glynis Breakwell at Bath remains to be seen. Either way, it isn’t a great bit of news for the University of Southampton.



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