Vice-Chancellor Christopher Snowden Has Wikipedia Page Hacked

University of Southampton students have been vocal in their displeasure of recent accounts that show vice-chancellor Christopher Snowden received a mammoth £424,000 in pay last year. This follows the recent controversy at the University of Bath, which created a strong reaction. And in classic 2017 style, one person, using the online handle ‘Harold Bb8’ has taken to Wikipedia to vent his/her anger, making an edit to mock the recent pay revelations. Take a look at the picture below.




As you can see, ‘Harold’ changed the description of Christopher Snowden from being the vice-chancellor of the University of Southampton to the ‘scumbag’ vice-chancellor of the University of Southampton. Not content at just adding a small adjustment, ‘Harold’ decided to go forth and make a second edit. This time, ‘Harold’ added an extension to a sentence which detailed Snowden’s recent pay revelations. The user added that despite Snowden’s pay, he is opting to ‘lay off staff while hiring a chauffeur’. As you can see, this user wasn’t happy.




With Wikipedia tightly-patrolled, the edit was never destined to survive long. Yet for four hours and six minutes, any visitor to the page was greeted with an intriguing introduction.




Eventually the page was reverted back to its previous look. This is the latest case of changes being made to a Wikipedia page, with professional footballer Dennis Wise’s page falling victim to a series of changes, calling him a ‘little man’ following TV personality Dec’s running joke on ‘I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here’. While Wise’s page was actually locked to prevent edits, it appears that Snowden’s page won’t yet reach that point. But something tells us this isn’t the end of this story.



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