18 Times Tracy Beaker Summed Up Your Life At University (Part Two)

All these years later, Tracy Beaker continues to impact our lives. While it is a long time since she graced our screens, she still managed to sum up our University experience. Thanks for joining for Part Two. Part One is available here. Let’s continue, read on!

10. When You and Your Best Friend have Different Opinions


There will come a time when your friend starts to become obsessed with someone. You don’t want to be a triumvirate, so instead you do anything you can to keep the friendship just between you and your friend. Tracy was never shy of giving her opinions, and the quote used here could be useful for when your friend fantasises over his or her’s ‘amazing’ smile.

11. The Struggles of Love


Ah, love. There is the old statistic that flies round that suggests the majority of people find their future spouse at University. But it can be tough. When you find that person, you’ll often do anything legally possible to spend time with them. Tracy would often resort to unconventional methods to get the attention of Cam – who was without doubt Tracy’s bae. But it is easy to be too transparent and become clingy… as Tracy found out here, sometimes you just take things too far. There’s a line Tracy.

12. Coping with the Struggle…


Following on from the previous point, you will probably endure your fair share of heart-breaks at University. Sometimes, things just aren’t meant to be. Tracy, at her philosophical best, appeared to appreciate this when she engaged in a DMC with Lol, telling him that her heart was made up of 90% glue. Oh Tracy… It can be a hard life.


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13. Coping with the Lectures


Lectures can be tough to sit through – especially the 9am ones. It doesn’t help to think that you’re typically paying around £35 per lecture too, with your tuition fees very high – and not including many things. When lectures have a half-way break, you see the true colours of many students. As Tracy suggests, you have left the lecture at the half-way point on many occasions, so much that a revolving door could be implemented. You try and soldier through though.

14. The Boredom…


Sharing with other student’s can be difficult at times. Sure, you have the good moments, but jealousy can take over when others are out doing exciting things, and you’re staying in doing very little. This usually takes place on a Sunday, when you witness others having their parents come to pick them up. You just sit there, pondering life’s great questions… starting with what food you want in the evening.



15. The Power of Food


As a student you will quickly appreciate the importance of food. For some, it will take over your day. But often, operating on a small budget, you will find yourself hungry. As we identified earlier, there are times when you are angry too. These two areas combined are a dangerous concoction, leaving you hangry. Sometimes you will have taken your anger out on others, when it is your time to face the music, you just want to have food first. Tracy was in a similar position, wanting to have a final meal before what seemed an imminent death thanks to the wrath of Jenny.

16. When you build True Friendships


Returning to the positives, and in keeping with the theme of food, you will build some great friendships. These will hopefully be your friends for life – making the whole University experience worthwhile. Cam and Tracy were the ultimate partnership – they had their ups, they had their downs, but they were a true unit. The friendship was cemented early on when Cam left a cake for Tracy. What a team. Hopefully at University this will prove the case.


17. The Exams…


Fast forward to the end of the year and there are exams. Many students will be sensible and start revision early. However there are always some that leave the revision too late, and, as Tracy is seen in the meme above, resort to last-minute cramming. It could be advised not to follow in Tracy’s footsteps on this occasion.

18. Eventually, It All Works Out!


Yet, eventually the hard work will all be worthwhile. While Tracy never quite reached the dizzy heights of Graduation, she had her good times. And we always rooted for her. As we’ve seen, Tracy had some memorable moments at the Dumping Ground, the same can be said for you at University. Check out our article based around everyone you’ll meet at University featuring Riverdale, or for more Beaker – consider this article on everyone you’ll meet on a night out – with the characters of Tracy Beaker. Thanks for reading!


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