People Reveal The Best And Worst Dating Advice They Received From Parents

Discussions between a parent and their child are usually awkward to say the least. Yet, by their teens, the son or daughter will be intrigued to hear some dating advice in their hour of need. Parents are often the one’s you go to when you need to confide in someone – you hope they will be there to offer sensible advice. A lot of the time this is the case, but, as this article will show, sometimes they can get it horribly wrong, especially when dating is the topic. Some people have taken to the popular confessions app Whisper – and have revealed the best and worst dating advice they received from their parents.


Where would we be without dating advice?!


Some advice was very positive. One Dad suggested that a man should always introduce his girlfriend to his family within four months – otherwise the relationship isn’t going anywhere – a good rationale to work with. Another went for a simple yet true approach – saying to his son to ensure his partner wouldn’t be a ‘liability’ – this is something which should be followed throughout life! Another person suggested that his Dad told him just not to date girls. Unsurprisingly, he turned out gay.


In a more positive story, one girl told how she went to her Mum for relationship advice because ‘she still sees the good in men’ – something which in this day and age can be difficult. Another patron mentioned how her father’s advice bordered on the philosophical; his quote was ‘if you love something, set it free, if it comes back then it’s meant to be’. What a powerful quote! She herself admitted however that it was difficult – not knowing how long it will take. Relationships, you can’t live with them, can’t live without them…




However, predictably there was also some negative advice. One woman told how her mother always gave her relationship advice without realising that her daughter liked girls as opposed to boys, oops! Another Mum seemed to let principles go out of the window – suggesting that she should only date a man who ‘makes a lot of money’. Contradiction was also a theme – summarised by how one woman was given relationship advice from her Mum – despite the Mum not having a healthy relationship since a divorce. Finally, and again predictably, some were simply living in the past. One person’s Dad urged him to go ‘get an eggcreme’ with a girl and head down to the ‘sock hop’… it isn’t the 1950s anymore! As you see, there were some negative responses!




Relationships are a difficult thing to get right. The dating phase too is tough – especially when you need to try and get advice. As this article has shown, parents have the potential to be a wealth of experience – and in many cases these are positive experiences – demonstrated by the fact you are alive! Yet for all the good advice, on some occasions parents simply don’t know what to say, and when they do, it arguably isn’t great! But still, appreciate them while you can, and one day, it might just be you delivering the advice!




To see the full article, with additional confessions, click here.


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