More Vice-Chancellor Pay Shame… This Time At Sussex Uni


After recent controversies at other University’s across the United Kingdom, the University of Sussex is the latest institution to come under scrutiny. Times Higher Education were the first to report that former vice-chancellor of Sussex – Professor Michael Farthing – was handed a leaving payment of £230,000 in his final month in the job. This figure was revealed courtesy of recent accounts released by the University. This is far from the first controversy, with both Bath and Southampton’s pay practices being questioned.


This controversy has engulfed the University of Sussex


The accounts in question show that Michael Farthing was paid £252,000 for the financial year beginning August 2016. Yet Farthing only worked for one month during this period, having left at the end of August 2016. Money for his notice period and pension benefits pushed his total payment up more. For a full year’s work, he earned £295,000 in a salary, showing that his farewell payment in August 2016 borders on the unbelievable.




Farthing was also arguably unpopular. He was criticised for his decision to outsource several roles at the University – before going on to suspend five students who dared to protest the changes. The latter decision ended up costing the University in compensation arrangements to the quintet. Other recent figures emanating from the University, obtained by UniEel, showed fines for overdue items in the library topped £10,000 during the 2016-17 academic year.


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As mentioned earlier, this is the latest case of huge vice-chancellor pay packets being called into question. The University of Bath’s vice-chancellor resigned following news of her salary, though her retirement plans evoked a strong reaction. Meanwhile, at the University of Southampton, following similar revelations, one disgruntled student took to Wikipedia to ‘edit’ the page of vice-chancellor Christopher Snowden. These high vice-chancellor payments are a source of frustration for students, who continue to battle against the record-high cost of education.





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